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  1. A Fury Tormented Demons Guide

    Updated with shiny new models Would you guys like a team building guide as well? I still wanna make the ultimate team before I get to that though.
  2. Bobbydaniel's List of guides (updated 8/31/2018)

    Super job dont know how anybody can play this game without these guides A question: Is there any kind of walkthrough for the Bala Gi missions?
  3. A Fury Tormented Demons Guide

    Good guide, Ill be sure to bookmark it and save it for when I get to this point in the game. However is it possible to improve the overall format of the guide so it is more appealing to look at and possibly add pictures? I feel like doing this would really make this guide stand out
  4. Добрый час Подготовка пакета документов на регистрацию ООО обойдется Вам в 2,5 тысячи рублей 4000 руб. - гос.пошлина 500 руб. заверить устав у нотариуса Аналогичный пакет документов для ИП стоит 1,5 тысячи рублей.
  5. Slayer Drops Guide with Tips

    It is more like a game of poker where you dont know where all the pieces on the board are located. Just keep up the pressure and reraise Great post.