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  1. You know, selling ingame items for real money is not allowed here. And lol, saying its not a scam three times doesnt make it any more believable.
  2. Ive been using CN-USA, and you do get the codes instantly once you go through the validation process. You dont even need to have a WM account, so for me its a much easier method to buy AC.
  3. Slayer Drops Guide with Tips

    Ive been wanting something like this since day 1 of the euro update. Thank you so much for putting your time into this guide.
  4. Rare drop table drops

    Umm sorry newbie here I know rare drop I am confused what best things to do to item drop Theres so many option: sell it both to npc or player shop, or give it to mag, use as fodder etc Usually i sell all unit drop that less than 4 slot But for 10 unit we can recycle 5 unit into grinder That make me thinking which one is more provitable is it better to desync 10 unit or convert it into grinder?