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  1. Trodal Helper Application

    +1 from me, Trodal is a big known name atleast for me. when I first joined server Trodal was the big OG and always was nice and helped out. Would be perfect for Helper rank imo.
  2. Forum Update - 28/01/2018

    Greg Jr? good work =)
  3. Easy method of obtaining pure essence for your Runecrafting grind =) 1. Teleport to Entrana Teleport to Entrana using Skill teleport>Fishing>Entrana. Remember to bring nothing as you can't enter the cave with gear nor items 2. Obtaining the Dramen staff When you enter Entrana run North West untill you get to the cave/dung enterence. Climb down and run East. Here you will find zombies that you need to kill to get a axe. Once you get the Axe run South East untill you find the big old tree and chop it. Teleport home and go to Bob and get a knife, then use the knife on the branch to get Dramen staff. Now you can gear up for killing the Evil chicken. Run South East from Edgeville bank to the fairy ring. Use the code BKQ Run South untill you find the Evil chicken and kill it for good pure essence=) And there you have it, the easy way of obtaining your pure essence! =)
  4. Bandos Solo Guide

    This will be a complete guide for soloing and getting to GWD. And a big thank you to Urinalcake for sharing some screenies of the different setups! =) 1. Getting to GWD Head over to Bob north of edgeville bank and buy a Hammer and Rope. Next teleport to Trollheim using City teleport. Make your way down and run North untill you see a big rock. Push the rock when you get to it. Walk North untill you see a Knight. Talk to him before you use the rope on the Dungeon enterence! When you have entered the GWD dungeon walk North West untill you see a big door. Open the door (need hammer in your inventory to open this door) Here you need to get your killcount up before you can enter the door for killing bandos. Killcount changes depending if you're a donator and what donator rank you have! 2. Who is in this room?! You have General Graardor (Melee) and 3 minions; Sergeant Strongstack (Melee), Sergeant Steelwill (Mage) and Sergeant Grimspike (Ranged) on step 4 there will be a picture showing them and numbering them! 3.Setups I will be showing 3 different setups for killing Graardor. Low Tier; This is the lowest tier gear you should bring when heading to bandos. With this setup you will be only be able to get a few kills and is not really recommended to bring. Med Tier; this is the recommended gear to bring when entering the battlefield. Good mage defence and good Melee defence aswell of good Strength bonus. High Tier; After camping bandos for hours upon hours you'll be able to get the best gear ingame and will be able to camp bandos for a long time! 4. The Fight. Fighting Graardor and his companions can be a bit hard but this will show you the order of killing them; General Graardor first, Steelwill second (mager), Grimspike (ranger) and Strongstack (melee) last. after killing Graardor i recommend using Soul Split on the minions for optimizing your stay. Hope This Little Guide Will Help Guide You Through The Way Of Killing General Graardor And His Companions =)
  5. Pest Control - 21/01/2018

    great work greg!
  6. As there is starting to come a lot of new players into the server and asking a lot of questions about slayer and where to find the tasks, so I'll be making a little guide on how to get started with slayer =) 1. Getting started. In Edgeville you'll find a green portal (slayer portal) enter it. 2.Selecting your Slayer Master. Selecting your slayer Master is important for you on how long the task will last, more slayer points and better monsters to kill for XP. You always want to choose the highest Slayer Master you can choose for the most XP and Slayer Points. Master 1 - Turael. For Turael you only need 3 combat and 1 Slayer Master 2 - Mazchna. For Mazchna you need a combat level of at least 20 or higher. 1 Slayer Master 3 - Vannaka. For Vannaka you need a combat level of at least 40 or higher. 1 Slayer Master 4 - Chaeldar. For Chaeldar you need a combat level of at least 70 or higher. 1 Slayer Master 5 - Sumona. For Sumona you need a combat level of at least 95 or higher. 35 Slayer Master 6 - Duradel. For Duradel you need a combat level of at least 100 or higher. 50 Slayer Master 7 - Kuradal. For Kuradal you need a combat level of at least 110 or higher. 75 Slayer Master 8 - The Raptor. For Raptor you need combat level of at least 115 or higher. ?? Slayer Master 9 - Reaper. For Reaper you need a combat level of at least 120 or higher. ?? Slayer 3.Getting to your Slayer task. Getting to your slayer task is really easy, All you need to do is talk to Slayer teleporter right next to the portal and she will teleport you to your task for some coins (prices changes the higher tier Master you're using) 4.Items and Rewards. All of the different slayer items you need can be bought from the different Slayer Masters depending on your tasks. Rewards are a good way to start out on FuryPS. I strongly advise getting RoW (Ring of Wealth) and full dragon first for better armor and better drop chances later on then go for the Slayer Helmet. Hope this Guide will help you out a little bit with your slayer grind =)
  7. to make it as little as possible to read, everything scales the higher donator rank you have and lower Cooldown the higher donator rank. 1. 10% chance to get more tokens from dungeoneering. ( higher % the higher donor status) this would help out alot to getting motivation to do dung as some people cant be bothered to do dung. (me) 2.Mine stardust faster and a new shop. stardust is slow AF tbh and buffing it with a small % to mine it faster would be really nice and have a shop instead of the gems and gold ore rewards. Items in the shop could be like mining outfit that makes you get bonus mining xp, with like 20% when full set is worn. 3. separate bosses. having separate bosses with maybe bank booths at areas like frost dragons for a stable good money maker. 4. Donator capes Cool donator capes for different donor status with activateable boost (cooldown) example double xp for 30min (cooldown 5hours), smaller cooldown with higher donator status. 5. Better chance at obtaining barrows pieces. When the server grows bigger and we get a little pk community this would be great for getting dharoks and the other armours. 6. Fixing crystal chests Right now crystal chests are complete junk, it is mostly cosmetics and there is no real rewards from the chests. having a chance to get third age( really low chance) and other nice items would be great to get the prices of crystal keys worth more and worth collecting when PvM'ing. 7. 5% higher chance to get a rare reward from crystal chests. If crystal chests get fixed a little bonus % drop to get the good rewards from it would help out alot with both the economy and the happy players afterwards =) 8. Better drop rates %%% Right now the drop rates imo are really low, for example onyx status that is 5 grand, you only get 5,5% bonus drop rate. Buffing the drop rates by maybe 2 or 3% would make a big difference.