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  1. Hello !

    nice to meet you valium ( val ), hopefully see you in game soon mate and this is one hell of a introduction
  2. I've noticed and a few other players agreed that when in the re-sizeable and full screen mode the chat box is super hard to read at times, from what I've gathered as of yet there's no way to change the colour of the font and the transparency of it either. this isn't a must update straight away but as soon as the other priorities are done this would be a great little update to better the server just that bit more
  3. Elite PvM

    PvM is life cant wait to have this friendly competition from the launch! one of the best parts of a new server
  4. A Few Tips to Make Money

    amazing stuff man! server still in beta and already you're making dope guides! cant wait to see what kind of guides you bring out when the game is full launched
  5. How to prevent being "hacked".

    clicked on this and was surprised how in depth you went! great work i know this will definitely help old and newcomers from being hacked
  6. First post of the forums

    my dude! everyones here, this is going to be great
  7. Sean's Introduction

    Sean! cant wait for launch, hype is real
  8. Good day, dear friends.

    howdy james!
  9. howdy! cant wait to see you in game
  10. Hello boys!

    welcome old friend