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  1. Video [Racing Time]

    Good luck in watching give a like and be sure to comment to enter the give away in future and very soon! Hit Subscribe & Like now.
  2. Bug & Glitch of the month :)

    1. Thank you for replying. 2. I mean is the music (sounds) in game not work and the VOL in setting (- & +) button not working to in the setting so cant her the server sounds. If you want from me to edplain to you more ill talk to you privaty in discord. 3.i dosnt said this a bug just a wrong dialog (Name Of the area) and yeah i remember the portal you must have atleast level 120 combat to enter it ☠☠👍 4.Yeah thank you i got it..i did a slayer and i know why its coins cause some moneters want to use a item on it to be dead.
  3. Bug & Glitch of the month :)

    In-game Username: Mr Hunter Youtube Channel Username: HunterRsps 1. Emote's List Glitching like the emote stick in your character until you have relog (Not every emote) Example - Emote 1: https://gyazo.com/334f7c4616dc60a6bdab56978ccc8095 Emote 2: https://gyazo.com/c791261ff4094658726233c42b26347d 2. Music System is not working have to be truned on (Active) 3. Wrong Dialog Teleporting - Example 1. https://gyazo.com/c4dc341c34db10de6f8dd54ee4e99641?token=8eef1704271bb94959008f7a37024b1d (Teleporting you to - Mature Grotworm Arena) 4. Slayer Store (Trade) - buying the item's for coins.
  4. In-game Username: Mr Hunter Youtube Channel Username: HunterRsPs - 16/12/2017 - I Enjoyed the video! i want to watch another video? SUBSCRIBE & LIIKE Click Here
  5. In-game username: Mr Hunter Youtube Channel: HunterRsps Youtube Channel SUGGESTION'S 1. Make achievemnts store, In It: Mystrey Box'es, Boss'es Pet's, Hellween Cat, Ring Of wealth 2. Make Skilling System & Shop I It: Gilded Armour, Lantern, Cooking Gloves, Mimi Armour,Double Exp Ring 3. Creat a new Donator Zone (Area) In it: Monster's Give Donator Point's (1 Pts Per Kill) with the donator store 4. Make Rock Crabs unAuto attack for begginer's with some casket's in the drop 5. Add all tool's of skilling in the bob's store @ Home 6. Boss Teleport: Rename the Queen Black Dragon to Mature Grotworm 7. Creat a Pk Shop with lower pk items (at least going be some fun in pking) 8. Creat a 2 Privaty Skilling zone's (1 - Donator ?Only for entering = 2 Million, 2 - Player++ ?For Entering = 5 Million or 10 Million) 9. Add other arrow's/bow's/DarkBow(3M) / Robin hat 5m/boots 5m in the Range Equipment Store 10. Add a Gaint maul (G Maul) in the Melee Equipment Store for 6/12 Million & Dragon Mac 500k