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  1. A few final bug fixes from me to improve quality of life before I go. Changes: Dwarf multi cannon setup messages are now filtered. Fixes: Magic formula error fix Login connection counter fix
  2. Goodbye

    I've been working with Fury for almost eight months now, and the server has existed in one form or another for just over two years. But the time has come where I need to move on with life and begin making a name for myself in the real world. It's sad and hard to let this go especially having put so much effort in, met so many great people and built a wonderful community, but the timing is right and all great things must come to a close. Have no fear, this is not the end! I've been talking with Fury about this for a little while now and he is continuing on regardless, so I hope you have and will continue to enjoy playing the game as much as I had creating it! Farewell friends, Greg
  3. A few more bug fixes, I'll be doing a detailed post about what's going on when I've got a bit more time on my hands. Improvements: Combat accuracy formula tweaks against mobs New revenant, frost dragon & pvp box achievements Changes: Recipe for disaster portal click delay Fixes: Best control portal health fix Max hit error fix
  4. More magic spell tweaks and new systems Improvements: Fixed combat movement "dancing" Login connection reset command for admins Changes: Kill tracker list now sorted by amount Increased dominion staff magic attack bonus to 20% Fixes: Max hit error fix Fixed auto retaliate delay Fixed magic accuracy splash rate Fixed single spell attacks Fixed magic max hit formula for magic damage
  5. More magic spell tweaks and new systems Improvements: Gold competitionist cape particles Dominion glove particles New spell casting handling New magic experience formula New magic accuracy/splashing formula Changes: Polypore spell particles Fixes: Depth buffer toggle crash fix Mob drop algorithm fix
  6. New max hit formula & dungeoneering xp tweaks Improvements: Added ogre slayer teleport Tweaks to dungeoneering algorithm to increase xp rates New (correct) magic max hit formula Changes: Miasmic spells can now use corrupt zuriel's staff Increased region loading delay to prevent black screening Decreased steel & iron dragon aggressive distance "Wrong direction" on first adventure quest now displays hint on sage Teleblock now only works on players Removed field-of-view from client Fixes: Charge spell Being able to walk on start tutorial and not get starter items First adventure movement locked on "Let me introduce myself" Text at top of clan chat tab Fixed field of view on anti-aliasing mode
  7. A couple new spells and some bug fixes from the spell update Improvements: Hunter kit spell Cure plant spell Correct hit boxes for rs2 npcs & floor items Changes: Ironmen can now access master skillcape shop Slayer experience reward now takes gamemode bonuses into account Adze now gives woodcutting and firemaking experience when burning logs Fixes: Fixed barrage spells Fixed group spell delays Corrupt zuriel's staff weapon interface Fixed multiple floor items stacking Fixed click offset on resizable
  8. So this was meant to be a magic spell rewrite which should've taken a few days turned into a week long redo of all the spellbook interfaces But it's here now; new spell book spells including: surge's, miasmics, storm of armadyl & group vengance & more Improvements: Improved all combat spell projectiles, animations and effects Redone all spellbooks & spells Added new surge spells Added new miasmic spells Added storm of armadyl spell Added charging orb spell functionality Added group vengeance spell Changes: Changes to ancient spell effects New spell handling system Changes to teleport spell layout Depth buffer now enabled by default Fixes: Icy bones double spawning Nurse double space in message Nature impling jar null item fix Fixed bone offering graphic height Barbarian course error fix Ancient teleport delay fix Receiving multiple starter sets fix
  9. Just some follow up bug fixes for yesterdays engine change, any more just let me know! Improvements: New grow a pet achievement Entering to area's that require depth buffer now give a message if you don't have it toggled Changes: Removed agile armour equip requirements Metal dragon horribly burnt message tweak Fixes: Godwars minion counter fixes Zamorak river crossing Familiar dismissing/respawning Double tick increments (strykewyrm stomping) Vine chopping in brimhaven Familiar vs mob combat Conditional deaths (gargoyles, slimes etc..)
  10. Woo finally! This one's been in the making for literally months. Thanks to Urinal, Badman & Watari, they have been testing it for a few weeks however there will be bugs so make sure to report them to me so I can get them fixed asap. Improvements: Agility arena timers & fixes Emotes redo: max, comp, dung, turkey, seal Direction facing; on login, spell casting, new region etc... New game loop system (Should making interacting/actions snappier) New game tick/timer system New player/mob sync system Player variable saving system Changes: Imp jar loots Conversions: All the listed things have been converted entirely to a new programming language (from java -> kotlin), organised, cleaned out and documented: this will make adding content around them much quicker, and easier in the future for updates such as pvp. Floor items Vote book rewards Players Mobs Familiars Items Objects Projectiles Messages Game world Multi combat areas
  11. Lots of great changes today, thanks to everyone who voted in the poll, if you haven't already cast your vote! Brand new settings interface so you can customise your client to your and your computers liking, new toggles allow for much better fps, read more about graphics settings here. Also general client performance improvements Improvements: Region based music playing Brand new particle system better looks, colours, performance New settings interface tab, new settings, user friendly Master capes particles now match colours Fixed icons on high-scores compare page Changes: Locked godwars teleport now teleports you straight to trollheim Music now starts to replay if song volume changed Client now gives error and closes after 30s if no internet connection on startup Brightness settings now found with audio options Fixes: Fixed end of first adventure guide retalking Particle system memory leak Fixed particle depth buffer culling (not being removed properly if behind something) Fixed particle tearing Model priority fix for 800+ items without depth buffer (again items being behind/infront/order) Fixed particle height on sloped tiles Anti-aliasing without fog background fix
  12. Some of the new settings which are coming out with tomorrows update need some explaining as to what they are and whether you should/shouldn't disable them. By default SD will now disable everything to achieve the best performance possible (at the cost of visuals). Where HD mode will enable most to achieve a better visually looking game, at the cost of slight performance decrease. Performance ultimately depends on your computer specifications so customise these settings to you situation. Also bare in mind running the client in resizable will decrease performance and you should decrease your settings to improve gameplay. Effect on performance key: approx fps drop when activated (depends completely on computer specs) Low ~0-1fps Medium ~2fps High ~5fps Extreme ~35fps Graphics settings Mini map shadows - "HD minimap" Texture details - floor details & textures such as rooves Rooves (roofs) - multiple levels of buildings displayed Fog - blurs background where objects start to go out of view (only possible with depth buffer active) Particles - trails behind some capes & items Depth buffer - model clipping/drawing order (disabling will cause particles to show on top of everything) Smooth shading - blur on shadows to make smoother Anti aliasing - smooths edges: creating an "ultra hd" look - only recommended for screenshots will cause lag for most. Field of view - curves camera display for widescreen viewing (only visible if screen is wider than 1080p).
  13. As you are well aware the dev "team" is just myself and I can only focus on one update at a time, so thought I'd do a poll to see what you guys would like to see prioritised for future updates. These are all larger scale updates to improve core gameplay, after which we'll be back to pumping out lots of playable content!
  14. Ingame Noises?

    It is actually disabled server side by mistake along with playing songs when entering a new area, will re-activate in the next update; although the sfx is still lacking in terms of combat/npc sounds.
  15. lost my stuff

    Fix was in today's update