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  2. Hello all.

    Welcome to the server Acid i hope you enjoy yourself. Need any help feel free to ask See you around ingame.
  3. Yo

    Welcome to Fury Roman, I hope you are really enjoying yourself if you ever need help feel free to assk to see you around ingame
  4. Clues?

    Yes i did that's i knew where to dig was from that picture lol
  5. Clues?

    So i was just wondering if all the clues work i have been trying to dig for this hard one for a few days and nothing works. Might be just not all the way coded was just wondering.
  6. Moose - Legend Training

    Nice video bro. I was hoping to hear your sexy voice tho . But really i can't wait to see this series unfold
  7. Fury RSPS - MAKING GAINS - Episode 1 - Road to Max

    Very nice bro as always
  8. Gravestones - 08/02/2018

    Nice work Greg love the updates keep them coming.
  9. Haven't forgotten!

    Can't wait man. Server is coming along great
  10. Hi!

    Welcome to Fury Watari, I hope you enjoy your stay here man. Need any help feel free to ask anyone.
  11. Some of my work.

    Made two more Made a new one for myself and one for Fury
  12. Muse's Terrible Luck

    That is some awful luck lmao, better luck next time bro
  13. Sup guys.

    Welcome to the server Anemoi i hope you enjoy your time on Fury bro.
  14. Bug Fixes - 03/02/2018

    Great updates Greg
  15. Some of my work.

    Thanks dudes