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  1. elemental staff bug

    basic elemental also gives unlimited air runes, haven't tried with battle or mystic yet
  2. guthan set effect

    i don't know about the other barrows sets, but the guthan set doesnt give its healing bonus when used as a set, been using for about an hour with no heal at all, so either its broken or im the unluckiest man alive
  3. well time i get serious then
  4. cooking bug with pike

    pike's wont burn for some reason, in the chat itll say they did but youll just keep trying until you successfully cook it
  5. Thieving Guide

    Thanks for making the guide looks good, but I think it would be more complete if it also included so rates of the dzone thieving.
  6. Should be an opt in, I feel like if it's something that's forced on people it'll be more of a turn off than a time saver
  7. I'll be back soon :)

    Sorry to ghost on you boys, something came up in my personal life and I have to be with the family, I'll be back soon don't worry
  8. who watching?

    never heard of it, should i watch it?
  9. Extreme accounts

    good stuff man, any noteworthy skills yet?
  10. Extreme accounts

    I'll be playing on the extreme game mode and if you are too, comment on here! lets get a community going, scope out the competition
  12. is there a separate contest for extreme mode? (just for ingame donations) dont really care either way was just wondering.
  13. Colors here

    Welcome man hope to see you in game!
  14. Agile outfit suggestion

    +1 from me too, does the bonus so work?