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  1. Added both! Thank you!
  2. Hi! Since a lot of players have lost their soul and items in the deep cave on Waterbirth Island, you guys requested for a Dagannoth Kings' guide. In this guide, I will explain how to get to Rex, Supreme and Prime dagannoth kings and how to kill them, even with noob armour. Whether you need to kill them for task, their loot or just for fun, you can use this guide! Chapter 1: Setup Being maxed combat is surely helpful, but having atleast 43 prayer and high range is necessary. I recommend to wear this and have your inventory like this: As you can see, I have left some slots open in my inventory and have a lot prayer potions. This is needed, because we will camp there most of the time. This way, you won't waste food for loot. Chapter 2: Getting to the kings Click on the 'boss teleport' and click on 'more'. Click then on 'Dagannoth Kings'. You will arrive next to the ladder. !! CAUTION !! !! BEFORE YOU CLIMB-DOWN PRAY MAGIC AND POT UP !!! !! CAUTION !! Before you proceed, read this map (forgive me for these artistic images): The dots: Blue: you, the player, the demolisher of the Dagannoth Kings White: Dagannoth Prime, attacks with mage. Yellow: Dagannoth Rex, attacks with melee. Red: Dagannoth Supreme, attacks with ranged. So, when we climb-down, the Dagganoth Prime attacks you with magic. That's why you need to turn on your magic prayer. After the Prime attacks you, go immediately to the south for a safe-spot. This way, only the Dagannoth Prime is attacking you, not risking that Dagannoth Supreme being involved. Kill the Dagganoth Prime. After you've killed him, you can decide whether you want to go to Rex or go to Supreme. Supreme For Supreme, you should run north, close to the water. PRAY RANGED! Safespot close to the water, this way no other NPC will attack you. Rex For Rex, you should run south-east, close to the water. PRAY MELEE! Safespot close to the water, this way no other NPC will attack you. Chapter 3: Notes - Killing Dagannoth Prime is a must. Without killing it, you won't make it to Rex or Supreme. - For maximum camping, I suggest to bring 'telekinetic grab' (1 air rune and 1 law rune). This way you surely won't be attacked when trying to pickup loot. Thanks for reading my guide! For questions/notes please comment down below!
  3. Added all! Thank you guys!
  4. Staff Update 04/03/2018

    Thank you! <3
  5. Hunter bug

    Doesn't need much explanation either... hunter bug.mp4
  6. Smithing bug

    I don't think this need a lot of explanation smithing bugg.mp4
  7. I know! This guide is made so players can search the star faster (because not every location is ingame) and how to get there fast Thank you! added! Thank you!
  8. Sammy's summoning guide

    Thank you all!!
  9. Sammy's Staff application

    Timezone: GMT +1 Discord Tag: sammy#2957 Languages: Dutch, French, German, English, InGame name: Sammy Your contributions to Fury: Made some guides, helping (new) players ingame when needed, gave advice to players etc. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I am a helpful person. When players have questions or problems, I will always try to help them. I know the ingame stuff pretty well, made some guides on several subjects (planning to do more ). Furthermore, sometimes I hope I had staff power's to kick players when they were stuck or mute bots logging ingame, since not every staff member is actively playing. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: mostly more than 4 hours, especially on weekends (6+ hours). What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: Being honest, helpful and respectful towards every player.
  10. Scimstall @ Home

    I do not think that is the intention of the Scimitar Stall... Are you sure you got it from the stall though?
  11. World Map

    Is it possible to implent the map in-game (later on)? Where we can see our location and scroll within the map?
  12. Changes - 23/02/2018

    Good suggestion! They can download the new client too (http://furyps.com/play/?landing ) Nice content Greg! Keep it coming!
  13. That's is already included, under the 'how to get there'. Thanks for your reply nonetheless!
  14. Thank you both! will add them too!
  15. Dragon Pickaxe Drop - KC 6

    You bought the pickaxe... Or you should try your luck at the casino.. Either way, Gratzzz!