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  1. Teaching MOM How to play FURYPS! $20 GIVEAWAY!

    Good job! Do more videos on fury pls, you are a great videomaker
  2. YES! thanks Greg!! @MINI where you at? we need to do some slayer together!
  3. Living Rock Caverns - 28/11/2017

    Slayer has me on edge man I need that update! Nice with living rock caverns, great post.
  4. Filling vials bug

    When you start filling vials with water at the well by home bank and move away from it the filling doesnt stop. You continue to fill up your vials even if you move away from the well.
  5. Staff Update 11/26/17

    Really thrilled about the new members of the staff team, seems like a solid couple of players. @Valium and @watzun1 glad to have you out there Love, C
  6. Hello.

    Swedes are taking over the server! I love it. Thanks for donating and welcome to the server, see you ingame. Love, C
  7. Slayer [part 1.25/2] 26/11/2017

    Fury comes with the banger cliffhanger and you tease us with 1.25 great work tho! C
  8. Hello !

    HOLY FU... What an introduction fella! Lovely to hear that you know Swedish! I am from Sweden :D. Lovely to see you on the server and you deserve a big thanks for donating! Love, C.
  9. Colors here

    Pure blooded skiller is dope! See you ingame bud. Love, C
  10. Hi

    Lovely introduction Muse!
  11. Slayer [part 1/2]

    Lovely to be back reading your updates Greg! Great looking stuff. Love, C
  12. Finally!

    Darn, new I should have gone with "DUBAI WAS LIIIIIIT!"... It was a lovely trip but oh yes you can go the expensive route over there yikes... Great weather and nice hotell. I am used to Swedens rough climate soooo hehe. Chill, your feet are safe with me rest assured I will make them feel pleasure unlike any other.
  13. Finally!

    Hey peeps! I am sad i was not able to participate during the first days of Fury launching. I just came home from Dubai with a fresh tan and an eagerness to play like no other. Nuff said, see yall ingame. Love, C
  14. Hello Friends!

    Welcome to Onyx my dude! Looking forward to meeting you ingame.
  15. Introduction of the mighty ham

    Might be one of the greater replies ill ever recieve.