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  1. Ik, I meant cos he edited it to include dung. And the 120 dung says nothing about first, just looks like completion to me.
  2. Those are kinda me, forgot about this
  3. I skipped all PVP achievements (they will be removed) and the broken one (elite clues). These are simple explanations for all possible achievements. It is a frustrating task to complete them all as it is much harder than RS. Easy: Talk With The Guide: Talk to the lady called "Fury Guide" in the middle of Edgeville Kill A Yak: Training Teleports > Yaks Bury A Bone: Click on any bone Kill A Chicken: Training Teleports > Chickens Offer Bones On An Altar: Use a bone on the altar north of edgeville bank Cut A Tree: Get an axe from Bob, then click a tree Light A Fire: Get a tinderbox from Bob, then use it on logs Cook Yak Meat: Kill a yak (Training teleports), then use the meat on the stove in edgeville Catch A Trout: Buy feathers from Bob at home, buy a fly fishing rod from fishing shop in catherby, tele to skilling>fishing>barbarian village, and lure on a fishing spot Eat A Salmon: Lure fishing at barbarian village till you get a salmon, cook and eat it Catch A Crimson Swift: Tele Skilling>Hunter>Feldip Hills, buy a bird snare, tele Skilling>Hunter>Karamja and catch a crimson swift Pick A Flax: Skilling>Crafting>Flax Field, click a flax plant Spin A Bowstring: City teleport>Lumbridge, Climb up a floor in castle, click spinning wheel and make bow string from flax Cut An Oak Tree: Buy an axe from bob, city teleport>lumbridge, next to the fountain is an oak tree Fletch Arrow Shafts: buy a knife from bob, use it on logs Fill A Vial: get an empty vial from Jatix, and use it on well in edgeville Mine Copper Ore: buy a pickaxe from bob, skill teleport>mining>tutorial island Mine Tin Ore: buy a pickaxe from bob, skill teleport>mining>tutorial island Smelt a bronze bar: click a furnace with tin and copper ore in inventory Smith a bronze dagger: buy a hammer from bob, click an anvil with a bronze bar in inv Equip Leather Boots: Kill a cow, tan the hides, craft leather boots and wear them Eat Chocolate: City tele>varrock, go to gypsy tent, buy chocolate from the chest in there Buy an iron platebody: melee shop at home sells them for 211gp Craft an earth rune: with lvl 9 runecrafting, bring essence to the abyss and go to earth altar Listen to a musician: North of the edgeville bank is a musician, click him Cross A Log Balance: skilling tele>agility>gnome course Summon A Dreadfowl: make a dreadfowl pouch using summoning skill and summon it Attack A Bandit: training tele>Bandit Camp Eat Some Meat: eat some cooked meat Pray at an altar: click the altar north of edgeville bank Pickpocket a man: in the man house north of edgeville bank, right click a man and pickpocket Dismiss A Familiar: summon a familiar and click the dismiss button Add coins to pouch: right click on gp in your inventory, then add to pouch Talk to dung tutor: skilling teleport>dungeoneering, talk to dung tutor Deposit All: open a bank and click deposit all button Complete A C1 Dung: skill tele>dungeoneering, complete a dungeon with complexity set to 1 Talk to Rewards Trader: skill tele>dungeoneering, walk south to rewards trader and talk to him Buy an anti-dragon shield: buy an anti-dragon shield from shops at home Use the taverley shortcut: dungeon teleport>taverley dungeon, crawl through the pipe Kill a Baby blue dragon: dungeon tele>taverley, go through pipe and kill a baby blue dragon Grind blue dragon scales: buy pestle and mortar from jatix at home, and use it on blue dragon scales Steal a cake: city teleport>ardougne, steal from cake stall Get a slayer task: ::slayer and ask an npc for a task Use a teleport tablet: buy a teletab from shops at home and click it Teleport using spirit tree: right click spirit tree south of edge general store, and teleport somewhere Price check a cake: get a cake from stall in ardougne and put it in the price check interface Talk to king healthorg: talk to him in bank in edge Switch to ancient spellbook: east of the general store is an altar, use it to switch to ancients Add a friend: add someone to your friends list Air guitar!: use the air guitar emote Medium: Have a rest: right click your run energy, and rest Cut a yew tree: buy an axe and cut down a yew tree Burn 5 yew logs: use a tinderbox on 5 yew logs Kill a Blue Dragon using range: use a ranged weapon to kill a blue dragon in taverley dungeon Bury a dragon bone: kill a dragon and click its bone Tan Blue Dragonhide: get a blue dragonhide in taverley dungeon, then skill>crafting>al kharid to tan it Craft Blue d'hide vambraces: use needle and thread on a tanned blue dhide Switch to lunar spellbook: pray at altar east of gen store in edge Perform a special attack: use a weapon with a special attack and click the bar Setup a dwarf cannon: run to nulodion, buy all pieces of a cannon and set it up Kill a white wolf: go to white wolf mountain (run from catherby, skill>fishing>catherby) Make 10 spirit wolf pouches: use wolf bones to make 10 spirit wolf pouches using summoning Tablet tele to nature altar: buy a nature tablet from the runecrafting shop (skill>runecrafting) Craft 50 natures runes: go to nature altar and craft 50 rune ess into nature runes Travel to law altar by abyss: talk to zamorak mage in edgeville wilderness by the river, tele to the abyss and then enter the law rift Craft runes using ZMI altar: skill>runecrafting>ZMI, then run to the altar with ess in inv Switch to curses: pray at chaos altar north of edgeville bank Withdraw 10k: withdraw 10k coins Buy an air battlestaff: city>varrock, then trade Zaff Sell an item: sell any item to the general store Sell an item GE: put an item into ge for sale, and ask someone else to buy it Add a song to playlist: click the green + next to a song in the music tab Catch 20 lobsters: Buy a lobster cage in catherby, and fish lobsters in karamja Bake a cake: city>varrock, gypsy tent, buy food from chest, get cake tin, milk and flour. Use flour on tin, then use the cake on a fire or stove Mine a shooting star: find a shooting star and mine it with a pickaxe Mine 100 coal: mine 100 coals, i recommend mining guild Fletch 100 arrows: use a knife to cut logs into 100 arrow shafts, buy feathers from bob and buy arrow heads at minigames>pest control Cut 50 Maple trees: skill>woodcutting>seers' village, cut 50 maple trees Search 5 bird's nests: chop trees till you get 5 bird's nests and search them Crush a Bird's Nest: use pestle and mortar on a bird's nest Kill an unholy cursebearer: dungeoneering boss inside dung Bind an item: right click an item (armour/weapon) in dung and bind it Complete Dung no death: complete a dung without dying Create a gatestone: use runecrafting inside dung to make runes for create gatestone spell and do it Catch a salamander: buy ropes from bob, and small fishing nets in catherby, then skill>hunter>hunter areas>canifis, and set traps on the young trees Kill a Monster with Salamander: equip a salamander from hunter and then kill an npc with it Loot the barrows chest: complete 1 round of barrows at miningames>barrows Repair a broken item: drop a piece of nex equipment and use it on bob at home Finish a game of pest control: minigames>pest control Kill a portal: inside a pest control game, help kill a portal Finish pest control without death: don't die during a pest control game Join a clan chat: leave the help cc and rejoin it Name your clan: join your own cc and open the settings and change the clan name Activate lootshare: in your own cc, open the settings and activate lootshare Receive a lootshare drop: kill an npc while lootshare is on Promote a friend: have a friend enter your cc, right click his name in the cc and give them a rank Talk to smithing tutor: skill>smithing>varrock Kill a dagganoth king: bosses>dagganoth kings Complete a med clue scroll: kill NPCs till you get a medium clue and complete it (i recommend barraging chaos dwarves for fast mediums) Hard: Kill 100 glacors: boss teleport>glacors, kill 100 Kill 100 chaos dwarves: spirit tree teleport>chaos dwarf battlefield Get a hand cannon drop: chaos dwarves drop them Low alch a item worth 1m: Go to construction store in edgeville, buy a marble block and low alch it Catch 500 grenwalls: buy box traps at skill>hunter>feldip hills, then tele to skill>hunter>hunter areas>isafdar Loot 1000 Impling Jars: skill>hunter>puro-puro, catch 1000 imps and open them, i recommend banking them first Pickpocket 5000 people: skill>woodcutting>draynor, then pickpocket master farmer 5000 times which gives around 100m gp Kill With Wrath: use rock cake from melee shop to make yourself low hp, pray against a strong npc and get them low hp, they have to kill you for wrath to work Smelt 1000 Rune bars: mine 1000 runes ores, you need 8000 coals too which you can mine or get from nex (drops 2400), fastest smelting place is mining guild Use Fairy Ring Teleport: bring nothing, skill>fishing>entrana, climb down to entrana dungeon and kill zombies for an axe, chop the spirit tree and use a knife on the branch, then go to a fairy ring and go somewhere Defeat Jad: minigames>fight caves, kill jad Open the door: Open a door Get off the floor: pick an item up off the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur: Kill a mastyx in dungeoneering Complete 5 C6 warped dungeons: complete floors of level 48-60 5 times on complexity 6 Complete 35 slayer tasks: go to ::slayer and complete 35 tasks Pretty fire: use a coloured firelighter from a clue scroll to burn a log Grow a pet: use a bird egg on incubator in a summoning shop, then let it chill on ground till it grows, if it gets hungry feed it ground fishing bait (pestle&mortar + bait) Attack using a DFS: right click operate an equipped DFS then attack something Kill the KBD: tele to frost dragons/bandit camp and then walk to KBD entrance and kill it Defeat Nex: boss tele>nex, kill nex Make 100 overloads: get 99 herblore and make 100 overloads Craft 6000 blood runes: rc shop sells blood altar tablets, which I recommend using for this Steal 100,000 items: steal from the stalls at home 100k times, if you want gp thieve scims, otherwise ::empty and magic stall are fastest Make 500 steel titan pouches: buy steel platebodies from horvik in varrock and make 500 steel titans Cut 2000 magic logs: cut 2000 magic logs, if you claim rewards from an evil tree you get magic log banking which helps a lot with this Burn 2500 magic logs: use a tinderbox on magic logs 2500 times Complete 1000 agility laps: run around an agility course 1000 times, you can sell spare tickets for quite a lot of gp Reach 200m exp in a skill: train a skill to 200m XP Seal the deal: use 'seal of approval' emote, it's the last one Elite: Fire 50,000 Cannon balls: use dwarf cannon to fire 50k cannon balls, this achievement is MUCH easier if you are maxed and can use royal cannon which auto-reloads, you can smith cballs or get them from corp Receive 100m from alchemy: if you are maxed, alch royal cannon pieces, otherwise alch magic stones from construction shop Bury 5000 bones: blood barrage chaos dwarves with a bonecrusher in inventory or click on 5000 bones Offer 5000 bones: use 5000 bones on altar Scatter 500 ashes: click on 500 accurshed ashes, I suggest barraging demons in forinthry dungeon to get fast ashes Bury 1000 frost dragon bones: kill 1000 frost dragons and bury their bones, if you have high dungeoneering you can use the cave where skeletal wyverns are on RS Complete 100 dungeons: complete 100 dungeoneering dungeons Teleport 10000 times: teleport 10k times, i suggest buying teletabs Unlock 150 songs: run/teleport around the map until you unlock 150 songs Mine 1000 runite ores: mine 1000 rune ores, this sucks but no way around it Kill 10,000 monsters: kill 10,000 NPCs, this should happen naturally but you can barrage chaos dwarves to do this quickly Vote 100 times: open 100 vote books Create a fury: get an uncut onyx from someone or buy it using tokkul in tzhaar area, use a hammer on cut onyx and follow the instructions Deal 15m damage: barrage chaos dwarves Kill QBD 100 times: boss>Queen black dragon, 100 times, this takes a while Reach Max Level in all skills: reach 99 in all skils, you do not need 120 dung Defeat 500 boss monsters: kill 500 npcs that show up in boss teleports
  4. Suggestions

    I think the game needs more long term (high level) content. Capes of Achievement Trimmed completionist cape as a next level from completionist Possible Requirements: Comp cape achieved 200 Corporeal Beast 100 Nex 100 Kree'arra (arma GWD) 100 Kril Tsutsaroth (zammy GWD) 100 General Graardor (bandos GWD) 100 Commander Zilyana (sara GWD) 50 Jad kc 100M GP price Possible rewards: better stats than regular comp cape (they had same stats on rs) better ava's effect (loses less arrows) customisable particle color something fun, like right click option that causes some interesting gfx or animation Ring of wealth takes 2 minutes to get and gives +2% drop rate, so for capes that take many many hours, I think there could be a reward structure, to encourage more people to put in the time required for the capes. Max Cape Comp Cape Comp Cape (t) Picture Reward +1-2% +2-4% +3-6% High Level Content That Can't Be Bought The donator store is necessary for the survival of the server, but it also really discourages bossing. To find a balance, I suggest goliath gloves be removed from the donator store and the following content be added. Once you have all chaotics, there is no reason to do dungeoneering till level 120, so many people don't like to do it. I suggest a new dungeoneering addition. Possible access restrictions: a key of some sort that only has to be bought once, then a player has access to the dungeon (2M tokens?) 120 dungeoneering level requirement My thoughts here are that it could be either an item bought with tokens (2m tokens = 10 chaotics, which i think is reasonable) or a dungeon that is unlocked at 120, so people have a reason to train that far. The dungeon: I quickly drew up this dungeon map to show my idea. I think that it should be multi so familiars work and non-aggressive so you don't get piled by multiple bosses. Or maybe have 1 of each boss only and then just have them be aggressive. Drops: Melee Magic Range Boss Drop Goliath Gloves Vanguard Armour Spellcaster Gloves Battlemage Armour Swift Gloves Trickster Armour I think these drops are a great way to style the dungeon after the 3 combat types. The NPCs are all dungeoneering bosses that are not being used in the skill right now, so they fit with the theme. The effects of the gloves need to work too. The most important part of this update, in my opinion, is that these drops need to be PVM drops only. Nex armour and divines are so easy to get because of donator store that they don't feel like achievements.
  5. Going for greatness

    Weekend is *1.5, vote book is *1.3 and it does 1.5*1.3=*1.95 together
  6. Going for greatness

    Make sure to only use agility tickets on weekend while a vote xp book is active, the multipliers apply to ticket XP as well
  7. If anyone is curious, this is from 4824 pickpockets on master farmer: + 330 watermelon seeds @ 50k ea (can probably get more if patient) : 16,500,000 gp
  8. Sym's Suggestions Pt. 1

    I think primal armour outside of dung is way OP, also the frost zone for ruby+ removes one of the very few pieces of content that have to be earned and cannot be bought.
  9. Highscores Suggestion

    Fwiw, they need to be sorted by total first, then XP
  10. Chilling

    Does this mean we will be able to switch to HD or only the screenshots will be like this?
  11. log out bug

    This exact thing has happened to me too, but your items appear outside the door, so you could have run back and picked them up
  12. Easter Egg update?

    Personally, I'd prefer if it remained as it is on RS, a collector's item without anything added to it
  13. Pest Control Rejuvenation

    I'm getting between 10-50k per run right now. But yes, I think it should be at least 100k base. On the current points system, the most you can get is 6 points per veteran boat, so 12 on a double event. You currently get 80 (f2p), 100 (emerald+) or 120 (ruby+) points per hour, which on f2p is even less than RuneScape (~100). For reference, the base points for veteran boat on here is 4, RS has 5, and rsps are generally supposed to be at least a little bit easier than rs. I think the commendations per hour could aim to be around 200-300 per hour without an event, and 400+ per hour with an event. To do this, the base points would have to be increased and the donator benefits I mentioned in the original posts would have to be added.
  14. Watari's Tips & Tricks {WIP}

    Some additions: Con: You can get 100 teak planks as a kind of common drop from corp, if you're patient and want free construction XP Dung: Only kill NPCs in rooms where you need to open a guardian door to get out Kill forgotten warriors for a chance at better items to bind Slayer: Kill bork as often as possible, loads of XP and charms Smithing: Smelt ores in dungeoneering for great & free XP Firemaking: As mentioned in here, manually firemaking is around 3 times faster than bonfires. Nice thread
  15. Pest control is dead right now, which is a real shame. I think a fair bit of work went into making it and nobody is playing. Here's a list of suggestions that, if they all come at once during a "Pest Control Rejuvenation" Update, would hopefully encourage activity. 1. Fix points structure - the veteran boat should give a hefty bonus over the intermediate and novice boat. 2. Donator Incentive - the +1 at emerald+ and +2 at ruby+ aren't great. Maybe give each rank +2: (sapph +2, emerald +4, ruby +6, etc..). Keep in mind full elite void with all helmets is a whopping 1475 points. 3. Coin Reward - the current coin reward is terrible, if pest control is halfway ok money (nothing great) it's a viable strategy for new players, which would give a refreshing alternative to thieving. Also more interesting for new players who ask "how do i make money to start". Scaling the money reward with donator status would be nice too. Dstone and Onyx already have this. (Possible suggestion: +10% Saph, +20% Em, +30% Ruby, +40% Diamond, +50% Dstone, +100% Onyx). On top of this, maybe for the first hour of a new account, a +100% coin boost from PC? Not sure, could be fun. 4. Bots - when Greg added pc he said if not enough people played he would consider adding bots. I think bots would not only make it playable at non-peak times, they would also encourage more real players, because they wouldn't have to wait / spam people to go to pc. 5. Events - double points on weekends. Also, the random PC event system that was mentioned in an update post either doesn't work or doesn't announce it. 6. Achievements - Easy: complete 1 pest control boat, Medium: complete 5 pest control boats, Hard: complete 25 pest control boats, Elite: complete 50 veteran pest control boats As a side note, the veteran knight should tell you the correct amount of points you got, he doesn't include your donator bonus right now. Also, the portal dropping messages shouldn't be filtered by the Game: Filter option.