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  5. You can consider me back, also don't mind helping out the process @Fury I've been learning lots of things while I've been gone. Muse.
  6. Goodbye

    Greg I had no idea I think I speak for the whole of the community when I say that we have absolutely loved you being here with us and I guess I want to say thank you on behalf of every single person here as you've consistently brought amazing updates, bug fixes and changes. I really wish you the best of luck in the future and i'm sure you'll have no trouble at all making a name for yourself. Keep on listening to Gerry Cinnamon and remember to stay in touch Jack.

    If I can get home in time then count me in!
  8. Free Void

    Good job on hosting this event Old! I'll be sure to come online and take part
  9. PvP updates - Give feedback

    Money making via PvP sounds like a great idea to me. I feel it would really encourage people to do PvP instead of thieving
  10. Old goes for Helper

    Thanks for posting your application buddy! I personally think that you would make a fantastic addition to the staff team, you seem to possess all of the correct qualities that a helper needs. However, it is not just my decision and the whole of the team will have a discussion and let you know the outcome as soon as possible. Muse.
  11. Fishing Guide By Old

    Bloody hell! Nice work with this guide man! Thorough, lots of detail, keep it up! Sure this will help a lot of people, even me!
  12. Game Engine - 21/04/2018

    Thanks for working so hard Greg, we love you!
  13. Hunter (Puro-Puro) Guide

    Amazing guide here buddy Nice work!
  14. Died in Saradomin

    Issue resolved in game.