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  1. Fury RSPS - MAKING GAINS - Episode 1 - Road to Max

    Naming your white cat Snow.... nears moar.
  2. Gravestones - 08/02/2018

    Ah lit the gravestones
  3. Vote book rewards

    Thanks for this, welp my luck gives me 5 no rewards in a row
  4. Sammy's summoning guide

    bruh this guide is my lord and saviour!
  5. There is a vote bonus timer in ur quest tab
  6. Some of my work.

    Dam nice!
  7. Suggestions Of A Noob.

    I think the gambling is a cool idea, as for the selling I think personal shops would be much more preferably over a grand exchange since you cant really tell if anyone is selling an item but with a personal shops you can maybe the g.e would be better with more players for now POS would be better.
  8. Well best of luck haha
  9. With February first marking the official advertising/release of Furyps, I compiled a list of last minute suggestions that can be done quickly in order to help the new players - Have a double xp run for the day of this release as it will allow the new players to quickly lvl up and jump right into the action, or atleast things like double pest control points ect, maybe even double drops!! - Have mini events go on throughout the day this is crucial for the staff to partake in these as it shows how tremendously great the staff are! (pest control events, clan wars events, corp/nex event ect.) - Add more rockcrabs maybe as I was told not one but multiple advertisements are going up so I'm honestly expecting at least 20-30 players to be at rock crabs and the current amount of rock crabs that in game I feel don't support what will be going on tomorrow. - Lastly, i think the prayer for legendary should be x5ed as I was told it was already going to happen but with the influx of players many are going to give a shot at legendary for sure and this will surely make this continue down the rigorous path that awaits them - OH also one more add nezy helm to the shop at home instead of at yaks tele pretty sure alot of the new players are going to be asking on how to get the helmet - Also for everyone who buys votes tomorrow ur going to have alot of votes to buy so be prepared! Overall I obviously have bias's for things like double XP as it would also benefit me, but all in all, I feel that having these changes would allow for the day ahead of us to run more smoothly.