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  1. Dungeoneering Reward

    I have an idea for a ring as a dung reward that can be bound to a player and used in the dungeon. The ring would give a drop bonus for weapons and armor from forgotten warriors.
  2. Hiscores Suggestion

    I believe the current way the hiscores are organized is unfair. I believe it should go by total level first, then total xp similar to how Runescape has it. If it goes solely by xp then the sense of achievement of maxing out is significantly decreased.
  3. Bug Fixes - 12/02/2018

    Awesome update yet again, Greg EDIT: How can we get the fury achievement if stringing an amulet still doesn't work?
  4. This is a simple request for a price guide. It would be really helpful for the huge influx of new players we've been receiving. The guide should be made by a staff member or at least approved by one so that there is some type of verification to go off of. Thanks, Pacraz