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  1. Buying forum signature

    Used my imagination and made it epic
  2. Free Void

    Its nice to hear about any events done by staff. even tho i h8 pc but ill try to participate if i can. Keep em coming old!
  3. lost my stuff

    I died in slayer tower. got to my stuff but couldnt loot anything........
  4. Friends chat

    When you add some1 to your friends list the friend chat goes ape shit... It instantly pops ppl who logged in or logged out in this big wall of text.
  5. Thieving Guide

    I always like when there r fun facts in stuff
  6. Getting Started

    I like the pictures. realy makes the guide understandable
  7. So would be nice to get these fixed Deal 15m damage Make 500 steel titan pouches Defeat nex Defeat Jad Withdraw 10k (idk about this1. i assume its money from bank? if its not then my bad) Kill a blue dragon using range Grind blue dragon scales(dosnt drop) These r the ones i tried and they just dont even start. Also Recieve 100m from alchemy isnt rly working? alched stuff but its only 852gp/100m
  8. Some bugs

    1. Soul split drains prayer way to much. I think that the 1/4 of damage dealth is also removed from opponents prayer is actualy removed from your prayer. 2. The bank in warriors guild dosnt work. u can use ge part but not the bank part. 3. In the defender minigame when u run out of tokens u get ported out but the coords r wrong and u get ported inside minigame.
  9. Desert Strykewyrms

    same with jungle ones
  10. There r 2npc @ taverly that sell herblore stuff(one sells vials,newt and such and other sells secondaries) it would be nice if they would be @ home or just make one shop.