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  1. Scimstall @ Home

    Well I'm not. I had 1 whip in my bank. And had been thieving for a few hours by the time the new whip appeared in my inventory. So I really don't see another explanation.
  2. Voting is not giving rewards!

    Wow, okay. Even better. I honestly didn't think there would be any compensation. Lets hope it does fix it's self then, eh? If it does and we don't get our votebooks, I don't see it being a huge deal, just a little disappointing. I'm sure we'd all love our books, but probably more so that the issue just gets fixed so we can start getting them again. With all of that being said, is it suppose to be 4 every 12 hours, or 4 every day? Because if it is every 12 hours... you might want to have the message changed to reflect that, instead of telling us we received all 4 of our rewards for the day, and to try again tomorrow.
  3. Scimstall @ Home

    Alright, thank you for responding Fury. I mostly wanted to raise awareness of this, in case it wasn't actually intended.
  4. Voting is not giving rewards!

    So.. is it fixed now or are we to expect no rewards for voting at this time?
  5. Changes - 23/02/2018

    I actually tried that, but nothing worked until I deleted the Cache folder.
  6. Scimstall @ Home

    Of course I'm sure. I'm aware that this hasn't really been known knowledge hence the skeptism, but Watari and I confirmed with Phanny, the person who lives at the scimstall. He said he has "Loads of them" from the scimstall. I wouldn't have made this post if I wasn't sure. Lol Also, I didn't think it was intended either, hence the reason I'm asking. Question still stands, can we get a staff member that knows to answer this?
  7. I know I'm not the only person who has encountered this bug.. In the last 24 hours I have voted using all of the supplied links, twice. In this time I have only received 1 book. Unlike before.. when I'd vote twice in a day and get 3 books each time. Even with the apparent new rules of only 4 in a day.. I have only received 1 book and and this message: You have already claimed your 4 rewards for today, try again tomorrow.
  8. Changes - 23/02/2018

    Umm... I don't see the Merchant sell all option. Is there something I'm missing? Problem fixed. Leaving this here in case anyone else has the same issue. Just Delete your Cache folder. Default Location: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.fury (<USERNAME> would be replaced by your username for your PC without <>)
  9. Scimstall @ Home

    I wasn't really sure where to post this thread, because I'm not really sure if this is a bug or actually intended. Is it intended for the scimstall @ home to very rarely give you an Abyssal Whip?
  10. Box Trap Bug

    When hunting Grenwels I noticed that sometimes when placing down box traps, it will appear as though it is set and ready but for some reason it will not catch anything and will require you to pick them back up and reset them before anything will happen. (No I don't mean when it drops) Sometimes, if you watch the traps carefully you will notice whatever your hunting enter the trap but instead of it catching them it will "flash" breaking the trap while letting it remain "set", Thus making you do the aforementioned process. Also.. if you place a box trap down but don't set it, then choose the "lay" option it does absolutely nothing.
  11. I was looking over my highscores and noticed that it is showing my hunter exp in construction and vice versa. Here is an image of my stats in game vs the highscore page