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  1. easy choice health plan http://gificlimited.com/shop/acheter-spedra-en-ligne.html how to take green coffee bean pills

  2. Thanks man, that actually is kinda dope for the GWD tele for first timers. I'm not too concerned about lagging tbh, I usually play on LD sometimes HD with some settings off, and I rarely ever lag. It's just mostly in the donator zone is when the lag hits
  3. RIP Godwars tele lol I also noticed the ::dzone is a lot less laggy when I'm there, but it does still lag occasionally. Thanks for the update Greg!
  4. Future Updates Poll

    My main vote goes to PvP engine, next would have to be client improvements and interface improvements. Other than that, I have no complaints. Love your work and that comment about the "dev team" Greg 😂
  5. Thanks for the update Greg, keep up the good work!
  6. Oh damn, that is a big list of stoof man. Thanks for the update, keep up the good work <3
  7. Vote book rewards

    I completely agree, I have gotten a total of 4 across two accounts from voting. Especially after having to do jad to get my first one's on both accounts, both times
  8. Chilling

    Holy crap that looks amazing, good work man
  9. #3 for Legends :D

  10. lone legend's glacor guide

    Great guide! looks do-able now. Gonna give this a shot later
  11. How's everybody doing?

  12. Thanks for the update man!
  13. Warriors Guild Bug

    So I went to the Warriors Guild to get a dragon defender for my alt, and as I finish killing the first Animated Set. It wouldn't let me spawn another one because the game thinks that the old one is still alive and gives the message "You have already spawned some Animated armor." Re-logging only fixes the issue temporarily, but you have to re-log after every kill. I messaged Badman and he can verify it himself
  14. Hilley911's Goals for Fury

    That's a pretty big goal, hope you got all the time to do legend. Good luck and godspeed
  15. Scimstall @ Home

    ^ lol