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  1. Quick suggestions list

    Nice suggestions, agree with them all, especially longer gravetimers and more npcs to slayer tasks
  2. Quality of life - 07/04/2018

    nice updates =]
  3. gravestone in wrong place

    So if you go to godwars at bandos, if you die your gravestone will spawn outside the boss room so you can get your stuff back. However if you die at zammy boss your grave stays inside the room, meaning you have 1 minute and 30 seconds to go back to godwars and get 15 kc to collect your items, which is pretty impossible. Just lost Gano top and vine whip because of this. also why does dragon defender protect over gano top and whip vine??
  4. Bank dissapeared

    So this morning i logged out with 372/374 items in my bank, logged in today and i have 13 items in there. You'd think i've been hacked but im still wearing everything i logged out with, which a hacker would have taken if it was a hacker. Just letting you know as this must be some kind of bug
  5. Bug fixes - 26/02/2018

    Awesome updates! Thanks for the speedy fixes all the time.
  6. stuff not under grave + other glitch

    It was about 10 hours ago
  7. Had a Gorak slay task so went into gwd to find them by the sara part, i had mage pray on but i still was killed by a bunch of mage hits, when i ran back to the grave none of my items were under the grave, lost my imbued wealth ring after about 5 minutes of spending all my points on it, and also my d boots.