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  1. Please unlock Nezt helm and Tzhaar shop for ironmen.
  2. 10k Star Dust accomplished!

    How long did it take you to get 10k dust? I'm curious if its time effective
  3. Yo

    Main's IGN is 'Roman', my ironman is 'Fe Maiden' Currently in school in the US, studying to become a mechanical engineer. Been playing for a few days just to test the waters on this server see if I want to stick around and its been pleasant so far. Nice meeting you guys in-game and looking forward to meeting more. My original goal was to get completionist cape on my main but that's what aim to do everytime I join up a new rsps, but I decided to switch it up and now my goal is maxing my ironman. Super fun discovering methods for doing things and with the constant updates to the server i'm looking forward to an even better ironman experience. Little about myself, I like hip-hop, occasionally dabbling in the devil's lettuce and other substances, if i'm playing and not responding i'm probably afk doing homework/studying or watching a movie. So anyways say what's up and drop movie/show reccomendations if you'd like; i'm a huge fan of psychological thriller.
  4. How to make the best Iron man

    One thing I would like to see is a drop command that would show monsters that dropped a certain item. For example, ::drops guam seed and it would provide a list maybe level sorted or alphabetical with monsters that have that item in their drop table This would solve the "crap I need to get x item..." "/hey guys anyone know where to get x item?" "Yeah its in y shop" "Ok cool but im ironman" So far i've been using both runescape wikis but its a bit strange since drop tables are neither 100% osrs or rs3 so it gets iffy sometimes