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  1. Sammy's crashed star guide and locations

    Also, directions/closest teleport would be a great addition to each location (For racing for that finders XP)! Thanks Sammy!
  2. I noticed this as well. Webdev apparently is inactive per Greg. SOL on high score or web site updates for awhile is what I took away from the conversation.
  3. Sammy's crashed star guide and locations

    Two I've noticed aren't on here. "Wilderness" and "Mage Arena"
  4. Vexx's Suggestion Thread

    2/18/18 - Updated! Added Herblore, Highscores, and Hunter feedback! Plan to color code based on freshness of feedback once I get home tonight. green will be fresh, Yellow will be 3 thread updates old information, red will be 5! Hopefully this will help with prioritization in case Greg and Fury are actually reading this
  5. Skilling Supply Shop

    Hey Badman! How much are you looking for on the Pure Essence? Id love to take it off your hands.
  6. Vexx's Suggestion Thread

    Updated! 2/16/18 Edit: Fun fact. Ess needed for a legend account to get 99 RC is 800k. Or 60,000 Evil Chickens. And then 500 - 700 hours of Runecrafting after that. It took me 40 minutes to gather 2k Pure Ess last night. At that rate, 270 hours for the ess. For a total of 770 - 970 hours.😂😂 If one chose to work a job at the national rate of minimum wage instead of doing 1 - 99 Legend Runecrafting, they would gross $5,582 - $7,033 instead of getting a 99. And in any legend account's case, that would, indeed, make them a legend for achieving this. My point is, something has to give. 🤔 And I think pouches, and a look at the way pure essence is obtained, would be two great steps in bettering this grind!
  7. Pure Essence Farming Guide

    It should be noted that to cut the tree requires 36 Woodcutting!
  8. Sammy's crashed star guide and locations

    Does the agility shortcut not work?
  9. Sammy's crashed star guide and locations

    Can we potentially get more information on rewards/incentives? Experience rates and the like? This would be an awesome addition I think to the great information you already have posted. Great guide, Sammy!
  10. Vexx's Suggestion Thread

    Hey Fury and Greg! Thought I'd make my own thread for my suggestions as I think of them. I've had a few already, so I'll start there! I've begun to color code suggestions based on freshness. This is for anyone that chooses to read this read multiple times as its updated convenience. That way any content that may have already been read by an individual can be quickly disregarded by its yellow or red color. The color code key is as follows: Content that has been posted recently Content that has been posted three-four updates ago Content that has been posted for five updates or longer Agility: - Set effect for Agile pieces Suggested: Bonus XP/Tickets - Spottier Cape Hunter Requirement Suggested alternatives: Remove from shop completely; Replace Hunter requirement with Agility Requirement; Remove Hunter Requirement Herblore: - Easier acess to seconds ingredients. Red Spiders Eggs an Chocolate Dust immediately come to mind - Larger stock in shops. Even with me being the only person doing herblore, I was doing other things waiting for stock to reset. keep in mind, this is on a regular account and I still made ~1000 potions. - Making Overloads from 4 dose potions - Herblore Potion Guide readable Should not have to go to RS wiki to find reagents for potions. Current herblore guide format: [Potion Name][Ingredient 1]+[Ingredient 2] Ideal format: [Potion Name] [Ingredient 1]+[Ingredient 2] Often times the item names are too long to fit on a single line and do not allow room to display the second ingredient. High Scores: - Sort by Level and then EXP. Currently only sorts by experience. thisbheavily skews the overall leaderboard and provides an awkwaard display. - Legends Accounts (May also apply to Ext. And Ironman? Cant confirm) When you look up a legends account, their levels are ranked with everyone. it would be nice to be able to just compare yourself with other legends without doing each skill individually. Home Shops: - Low end Melee Cape Suggested: Legends' Cape, Ardougne Cloak, Obsidian Cape Hunter: - Broken/Fallen traps. " " have a pick up option and lay option. The latter does not function. It would be a great quality of life improvement to get this fixed. Runecrafting: - Addition of Pouches - Means of more efficiently obtaining Pure Essence Regular 1-99 Runecrafting; ~20,000 Pure Essence. Average drop from Evil Chicken is ~200 (generous estimate) every 1 out of 15 kills. Two Evil chickens spawn randomly on a large piece of land on a delayed spawn timer. Average kill count needed for 99 RC ess is 1500 Evil Chickens. An extremely gating necessity for the skill. And forget it if you have more than one person there contesting.
  11. Wilderness Agility Course - Leaving

    I was training my agility yesterday. I had to leave to get 35 Defence to equip my Agile pieces, and I clicked the door to leave the arena only to be propelled to ~30-45 wilderness and unable to move or teleport. UrinalCake and I did some investigating and attempting to recreate the scenario. My personal conclusion is it has something to do with scaling the rock wall at the end of the agility course before leaving. The animation for the rock wall is very bugged, so I was wondering if it was possible (Since you scale in to the sky at the end of the animation) that the client assumes your z coordinate is higher than it is. And because of that, when you leave the course to walk down the walk (which would decrease your z co-ordinate) that something between the two interactions (Rock Wall and Exit-walk) screws with the Z coordinate. Anyways, there are two fixes for this bug for players who encounter it. To avoid it all together, simply use the tunnel/first obstacle and then exit the course. If you to get stuck, simply relogging will fix the issue. Buggy rock wall animation "In Flight" post-exiting course Destination of Bug, unable to move or teleport.
  12. Hello everyone! This is probably the first you're seeing of me. I'm an extremely new player to Fury, but not Runescape or the private server scene. I've been playing Runescape since 2001. I've been a mod for several RSPS servers, though this was quite a few years ago. Anyways, I'd love to get back in to the RSPS scene, and Fury is a great server from what I've seen and I can't wait to help be a part of its growth! Anyways, without further ado, let's move on to topic! My name is Vex Anomaly and I am legend. Well, my account is legend. I will be playing legend mode for the most rs-like experience possible. I have many, many goals. But all of these goals act as a mere stepping stone for the true goal. I am going to be the first person on Fury to achieve the Completionist cape in legend-mode. So now that we're on to goals, let's list them out! Long Term Goals: 1. Achieve the Completionist Cape 2. Achieve the Max Cape 3. Achieve a donator status of Onyx. 4. Earn my place as a Moderator for Fury. 5. #1 for every Skill in the game on the Legend Hiscores (Unlikely, but still a goal!) Short Term Goals: 1. All Skills to 70. 2. Top 25 Ranking for all Skills on the Legend Hiscores 3. To be a positive part of the community. Socialize, helping others, and getting that good ol' forum post count up! Significant Achievements: NONE YET! D: I can't wait to see everyone out there! Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to update this thread as time goes on. Before I go, here's a screenshot of my account as of starting this thread!