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  1. Buying a Forum Signature!

    Okay so i need a forum signature i will list a few points that i want in the signature and if i like any of them and choose to use it ill will pay you with a $10 scroll. Must include these points: Ironman Name (Banksale) Ruby Donator and then apart from that use your imagine to make it epic! Also i will probably end up as a diamond donator soon enough so whoever makes it and if i choose it will have to make another but ill pay again
  2. Lucky?

    got mine kc 11 @ KBD on my ironman
  3. 10k Star Dust accomplished!

    i got on average 400 dust from a star - which are usually every 2 hours so ...... i play on average including being AFK 6 hours a day. 400 per star - every 2 hours - which would be 53 hours but lets say i done about 1k dust a day so 10 - 11 days i just automatically banked it as if i was just normally training the skills, i would be AFK combat training then do evil tree then shooting star
  4. So as a few know in-game i set my self a target/challenge to collect 10k star dust, i finally completed this target/challenge and will now show you what i received from it all. So i finally get a piece after 2600 stardust, starting to doubt whether i'm going to get the full set here. And then another 2000 gone and 1 more piece of the suit.... Now were looking good And then...... I get nothing else except runes, cash, Gold ore and gems! But overall i think we done okay, decent cash stack from that, a lot of runes and a lot of gold ore, just got to grind out the Gold gauntlets now! Cheers Everyone Banksale
  5. Time to grind 90 smith now!
  6. Dragon Pickaxe Drop - KC 6

    Im an ironman, but cheers
  7. Dragon Pickaxe KC 6 @ Chaos Dwarfs!
  8. Hi Guys, A few of you may have seen me chatting away online, well i am Banksale and I'm an Ironman... But enough of me lets get down to the details. - Leader boards - Change so its like osrs and Rs3 leader boards where its total level then xp, as you can see on leader boards now people in the top 10 because they grind 1 skill and get 2.1b xp in it... - Iron-Man (Healer) - Maybe made available.... as there is one in Iron-Man zone. - Iron-Man (Range) - A shop or stall added, like there is for runes which helps at the start, would still have to grind fletching and smithing for arrows eventually but to help start a stall could be good. I will add more when it comes back to my memory, but my main change i would personally like to see is the Leaderboard. Banksale