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  1. Hello everyone my name's Fapple and this will hopefully be a successful suggestion box here for FURY. As implied by the title by all means feel free to message me on forums or in game about potential post content, and if I add it (I most likely will) I'll tag you in the suggestion to give credit where it is due! Lets hear some feedback and get this ball rolling! Teleports: Adding Lletya to the 'City Teleports' Adding in more runecrafting teles.. at least to the abyss. (In addition making rune essence pouches available either by drop, trade, or shop.) Combat: Attack - [ ] Strength - [ ] Defence - [ ] Mage - [ ] Range - [ ] Prayer - [ ] Summoning - [ ] Skilling: Crafting - [ ] Agility - [ ] Herblore - [ ] Thieving - [ ] Fletching - [ ] Slayer - [ ] Hunter - [ ] Smithing - [ ] Fishing - [ ] Woodcutting - [ ] Farming - [ ] Construction - [ ] Dungeoneering - [ ] Mining - adding some form of deposit box or banker somewhere near falador mine/mining guild becuase even on normal smithing is taxing. Firemaking - make logs added to bonfire extend duration of the original fire. can barely get an inv done of magics before the fire is out. Cooking - cooking gauntlets, to be obtainable either by shop, vote, drop, or loyalty. Multiple Skills - The inferno adze, could it please be made more obtainable, $25 usd is more that a lot of people are willing to spend on a video game. Maybe adding it to the vote shop, or making it cheaper. Minigames: Barrows - drop table needs to be reworked, you're better off getting a piece of barrows from an mbox. Other: Pets - the growth meter on all of my birds wont move from 0% and it's been a couple of days now. Not sure for other pets. ( I will be updating this like shown in the title from time to time, and if you have a suggestion please tell me and I'll post it here with your name on it.)
  2. How to make the best Iron man

    OMG stealing creation are you forreal!? That's my absolute fave minigame. Super stoked if that becomes a real thing. And gaining xp while playing would be amazingly dope too.