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  1. Client stability - 04/04/2018

    zamorak agility requirement?
  2. A word on bug abuse - 27/03/2018

    Thank you for the appreciation I must say though, I myself was not the only one to report the bug nor did I really even discover the bug itself. The credit belongs to Arch for the bug's discovery. I Simply told Fury. Arch told another mod, I forget who. ("Arch," not TheArchitech) Nonetheless, Thanks
  3. BU's suggestions V-11

    This thread will be a list of my suggestions, I'll make it look fancier as I develop it. My suggestions wont really be game-changing content, just small things that make the game more enjoyable and well-rounded onw piece at a time Suggestions/Bugs: - Add Bolt Racks to the Range store (either the one at Home or Varrock) - Make Jewelry teleports work from 20-30 wilderness - Make Emerald Bolt Tips able to be attached to Mithril Bolts - Make Combo-runes (mist, lava etc.) craftable - I'm noticing a lack of currency, leaving players unable to trade a medium. I suggest making skilling more profitable by adjusting the resale value of produced material. Example being to raise the amount of money the general store buys diamonds above the purchase price of an uncut diamond, and even further raise the price of diamond bolts tips, diamond amulets/rings, amulets of power etc.) Doesn't need to be a huge margin, but it would help in the longrun considering the great amount of processed material required to get 99 in anything. Also, it isn't limited to jewelry, the same concept could be applied to fletching, hunter, mining+smithing, fishing+cooking, woodcutting, farm+herblore. - Dragon Arrows/Darts: These need to be more accessible. The only way to obtain these is from Puro-Puro, and it is a nightmare. Consider increasing the amount of dragon ammo material obtained, increase the chance of obtain, or make something drop the arrowheads/dart tips. Or increase the spawn rate or amount of dragon/kingly imps in puro-puro ^^^edit: since the update, "::drops dragon impling" says there is a 1/1.04 chance of obtaining 100-350 dragon arrows and 90-350 arrowheads. This is definitely not the case, as I get 2 arrows and 5 arrowheads 100% of the time upon getting said loots - Add more Grenwall/Pawya spots - Add white knights to Falador castle that drop White armor (: - Make Mage Arena monsters drop god staves [and mages' books? (unless you get this from somewhere else)] - Fix Battlestaves so they give infinite runes (If it's a visual thing, correct the visual error) - Turmoil (I'm sure everyone is telling you about this) - Give Black Mask the slayer bonus Magic - Fix the "Training Teleport" visual error in Ancient and Lunar spellbooks - These Lunar spells do not work: Energy Transfer, Spellbook Swap, Heal Other, Heal Group, String Jewelry, Magic Imbue (I'm sure others do not work also but these are the only ones I wanted to test for now) Herblore - Add Super Energy Potions to the Food Store -or- add Mort Myre Fungus to Jatix - Make weapon poison++ craftable and usable - Add Red Spider Eggs to Jatix -or- add Red Egg spawn in Edgeville dungeon wilderness spot -or- make the deadly red spiders drop red eggs -Make high-level potions notable