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  1. Sym's Resignation

    The time has come for me to move on to other things in my life now. I will be very busy with school, keeping my GPA up, a part time job, my personal life/health, and my family. I have spent a long 10 months on Fury in total with the exception of about a 3 week break in the summer. I wish @Fury the best of luck with coming up with original ideas and keeping the server alive. I wish @Nando the best of luck with keeping up with the ideas, suggestions, bugs and all the stress that comes along with developing a 317 RSPS. I wish the rest of the staff team the best of luck with things @Trodal @Dreams @adamr@Astro Maddi I'd like to thank the following people (ex-staff) for making Fury-PS a friendly and enjoyable community: @Ragnar @Muse @UrinalCake @phanny phart @Sammy @Lena @Exivel @The X @Trodal @tomsverk @Badman and of course the one and only @Greg . Nando is just as great as Greg was and thank you very much Nando for everything you have contributed. If you guys wish to contact me I'll probably still be checking Discord and Forums from time to time to check if there's any cool updates. Once again, thanks and good luck to Alex, Greg and Nando. Maybe I'll see you guys around sometime =) Please return my ranks to Diamond or Ex-Staff rank (if it ever happens).
  2. My Resignation

    dw u too u big goof <3
  3. Flower Poker(FP) - GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY

    thanks for the guide
  4. Zzstatic Helper Rank Application

    +1 from me, you're active and helpful and for the most part very friendly. Given we lost many staff members recently, we could use u on the team =) Need to see you more active on forums if u get the position tho =)
  5. My Resignation

    Sorry to see you go, bud. The server will never be the same without you, Lena, Phanny and Exivel.
  6. Sym's December Suggestions

    I Definitely think it should be some sort of splitting feature. I thought that a splitting feature would be fair when u get 'Single Dharok's Pieces [1-4]' so multiple people would get rewarded. Plus noted bones could be picked up from someone as well (1/1). Also, good chance of Arma Shards/Runes/P. Ess. Thanks, what do you think about the Zam. Spear & Arma. Crossbow drop Rates?
  7. Sym's December Suggestions

    1. Nomad Boss World Event Every 2 Hours(?), a Nomad will spawn in the center of Varrock, Yanille, Ardounge, Lumbridge, Lunar Isle, Taverley, etc. A server message will appear in chatbox saying: "Nomad has spawned at Yanille!!! Kill him for all sorts of goodies!!!" Also, add 'Nomad: Active/Inactive' category in Quest Tab. We could give nomad a shit ton of hp so that players will be forced to kill it as a team. Also, Nomad could drop useful and rare pvm/pvp/skilling items very often, so players will actually want to kill it together. We could also have one Nomad spawned by Death in the Wilderness that is twice as rewarding as the Safe-Zone one. Ideas for Drops: Item Name, [Amount], (Drop Rate) * LMK WHAT YOU THINK FURY & COMMUNITY * - Amulet of Fury or Uncut Onyx, [1-3], (1/65) - Shards of Armadyl, [20-40], (1/3) - Armadyl Runes in Bulk, [250-750], (1/3) - Single Dharok's Pieces, [1-4], (1/60) - Armadyl Crossbow, [1], (1/150) - Mystery Boxes [2-4] (1/40) - Dragonstone Bolts (e) [275-875], (1/12) - Ruby Bolts (e), [125-675], (1/18) - Onyx Bolts (e), [275-875], (1/15) - Hard Scroll [1-3] (1/5) - Elite Clue Scroll [1-2] (1/10) - Noted Frost Dragon Bones or Ourg Bones or Infernal Ashes,Dragon Bones, [10-25], (1/1) - Noted Pure Essence, [3k-7k], (1/4) - Runite Ore, [75-225], (1/14) - Zamorakian Spear, [1], (1/215) - Ganodermic Flakes, [165-875], (1/17) 2. Buff Drops of the following: - Sigils from Corp by [4.5%]? - WildyWyrm in general, add drops as well 3. Welcome Back To Fury-PS Login Interface A custom Log-In Interface that greets returning players back into the game with recent updates and currently Active Events. 4. Add Armadyl Crossbow to Commander Zilyana's & Minions' Drop Table: 5. Wildy Slayer NPC list I provided Fury 6. Did You Know? Server Message Quick Facts 7. Christmas Event: Frozen Key Chest that drops Xmas Ghost Robes, Anti-Santa, Regular Santa costumes, Xmas Wand, Cane, & Sled !@!@!@@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@! 8. In-Game Respected Member (Ex-Staff or $2500 Claimed?):Respected Member (Group List - Courtesy of Forums AdminCP) 9. In-Game Veteran Rank (2 Million Loyalty Points or 1 Year of Playing on Fury-PS. (ex. I Have 2 Million Loyalty Pts.) Veteran lol @ZzStaticc 10. In-Game Global Moderator Rank for Ragnar and future staff members similar to him: 11. In-Game Forum Moderator Rank for Dreams and future staff members like him: 12. Give DragonBone Melee & Mage both outstanding stats given they cost 750 Soulstones: - Give them a nice full set effect 13. Fight Kiln Minigame If we have TokHaar-Kal cape in-game, we need Fight Kiln Minigame. 14. Fix Un-Binding/Binding in Dungeoneering & Add Smithing & Fix Dungeoneering Bugs 15. Badman's Custom Dungeon for Dominion Gloves (Goliath, Spellcaster, & Swift): 16. Make Dominion Sword 1-Handed, Buff Dominion Staff slightly. 17. Boss Pets of all Current Bosses: - General Grarrdor, TDs, Jad, Glacor, Ice StrykeWyrm (Freezie), WildyWyrm, Kree'Arra, Dagg Kings, Nex, Corp, Bork, Kalphite Queen, Giant Mole, Commander Zilyana, & K'ril Tsutsaroth etc. - This will give players more incentive to kill bosses even after they have all their armor/weaponry/rare drops. Players will actually want to kill Kalphite Queen or Giant Mole for example if that means there's a rare drop of a Boss Pet involved in the drop table. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT THESE SUGGESTIONS BELOW! LMK WHAT I MISSED! @Fury
  8. Belkin's Bank

    awesome bank dude keep up the good work! Watch out tho i'm gonna max quick
  9. Huge Giveaways! over 1.3b in items!

    Excited to see who wins =)
  10. Nice Little Surprise

    nice drop man, good luck on future drops =)
  11. @Dreams

    very clean sig, nice job boolin. i approve. i also like ur sig =)
  12. Road To Completionist Iron Man | Episode 2

    love to see the grind continue =) here's Jon Snow's stats:
  13. Loot From 100 Crystal Keys

    tyvm for making this video, max! This is useful intel for noobs wondering how often rares are dropped by crystal chest =)
  14. Road to Finishing Comp Cape EP. 1

    Another cool vid nice work, excited to see me =)
  15. AdamR's mediocre bank

    Nice bank scrub keep building onto it