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  1. A farewell for now.

    We'll miss you Lena! Please come back soon! The server isn't the same without u </3
  2. Sym's Bank Update 17/10/18

    hell nah I ain't that greedy. Just aiming for full Dominion Set, GodSword Set, Dragonbone Set, and maybe one phat, maybe chaotic set eventually. hahaha shhhhh that's a secret
  3. Added Bandos, Arma, Dagon'Hai, inf gloves, boots, all sol colors, all whip colors, all robin colors, armadyl battlestaff, mages' book and more to my bank since my last bank update. =) the rest of my bank is just trash, cosmetics and skilling/pvm supplies
  4. Awesome updates lads! This new interace is huge! Many players will enjoy it. GWD fix and mith drag fix will also make many players happy. Looking forward to vote store and highscores Also, maybe we can add a welcome back interface that includes new updates/announcements. just a thought.
  5. dying on login ?

    This has been fixed. Thanks for letting us know.
  6. Thank you so much for this huge update, Fury and Nando! And just in time for my bday! These boss/gwd/pvm/wildy updates will greatly improve the quality of the server! Love u guys! haha can't wait for the vote store and highscores =)
  7. pking tips

    thanks for reaching out to noob pkers and giving them some quick tips im sure everyone will appreciate ur pking experiences ingame when they need help.
  8. Diamond Donor Zone

    I 100% support this as a diamond donor. I donated $527 to this server and that is a large jump from $150 from ruby zone. This would give players who love the server more incentive to donate and help support our server in the long run. I strongly believe this will cause an influx of diamond donors which is what i think we are in desperate need of right now. This would highly add on to the diamond donor experience. I would also like to add some suggestions to the zone: A better/faster RuneCrafting method than the altar at ::rzone A wider variety of hunting npcs than ::rzone A new/worth-while thieving or pickpocketing method (maybe a diamond donor exclusive gem stall that lets you get a wide variety of gems that will be worth while for crafting)(legends will grind on gem stall for hours to help them get 99 crafting as well as selling them to other players) (maybe a 95 thieving req.) Farming patches: lots of herbs, trees, etc in a convenient arrangement Have Frost Dragons or another npc like Nomad or another cool/unique npc that drops elite/hard clue scrolls (preferrably hard for 3a melee )
  9. Very good insight, ryan. Thanks again for the contribution. =)
  10. Snowys Bank 11b total xp

    gonna have to agree with lena on this one
  11. Player owned houses (POH)

    Very important to the server. Hopefully down the road we can get to this, but there are more important things to focus on right now, but still +1 from me.
  12. Snowys Bank 11b total xp

    yea, all i need is rest of Dominion set and Phat set and arma and dhai bottom and maybe just donate for chaotic set since im on legend mode lol. your bank is cool too man keep it up =) tbh ill probably not get phat set. I just want Dom Set cuz the items are actually useful. maybe one phat lol then ill be set for good.
  13. Snowys Bank 11b total xp

    Nice bank snowy! keep adding onto it and keeping it organized! i will also be posted my bank progress every so often. Here's some progress here: second link is newer. Since then i've gotten full color whip set, full bandos, full color robin hat set and 2 dhai pieces.
  14. Vote Shop Feedback?

    Thanks Dreams and Adam for supporting this. Only took 2 months for someone to notice I replied to this.
  15. Salutations

    Hey there! Welcome to the server you can call me Sym! Pm me ingame if u ever need help! =) My irl name is Tyler and i'm from Michigan, USA.