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  1. Bobbydaniel's helper application

    Although you only have 100 hours played, I see you on all the time since you've joined and you're very kindhearted, friendly and trustworthy! You meet all of the criteria and I love all of ur guides! Very organized and easy on the eyes In my opinion, you'd fit in nicely on staff team, but it isn't up to me who gets the job - it's up to bossman Fury himself. +1 from Symbiotic
  2. Bobby's 99 Fletching Guide

    Nice Fletching guide Bobby! Glad to see you're helping out the community so much! Keep the guides coming I love ur guides!
  3. Bobbydaniel's List of guides (updated 8/16/2018)

    Outstanding list of guides! WAYYYYYY BETTER THAN MUSE'S!!!! 100% BETTER! Love the icons and how you included literally like all guides holy cow! thanks man! PINNED AND FEATURED!
  4. Forum Search Bar

    I also support this within the current active theme. Thanks Exivel for pointing out you can search after switching to default.
  5. Bobbydaniel's formal introduction

    Hey man we've already met, but you're an awesome dude! As you already know I've got a summer landscaping job, but my last day of work for the summer was yesterday because im moving back into college in 2 weeks I didn't know you had a daughter that's cool! I also love html/java stuff in my freetime My first 99 in RS was also Woodcutting and also one of my favorite skills (fav is Slayer :P). Spaghetti, Tacos and Pizza are my fav food <3
  6. Bobby's Money Making Guide [Beginners]

    Nice, neat and organized guide! I like it! Keep me coming no matter how simple they are!
  7. Slayer FAQ

    Kharidian Desert. They inhabit the river and both banks of the River Elid south west of Pollnivneach, and west of Nardah. Sorry i missed that one, thanks for letting me know =)
  8. Lena Oxton's Kalphite Queen Guide

    Another flawless execution of a guide, Lena! I'm a proud father =)
  9. Thanks so much for your guys' hard work once again! I'm glad to see that you're trying to make staff's lives easier too and i appreciate it Can't wait til PvP is finally completed and we got a nice hybrid community going that's logical and is a friendly environment for all =)
  10. All Herblore Secondaries

    I can see the stock of herbs/secondaries being increased a little by like 50-100 stock. Anything higher than that is too EZ. As for the ones you don't see in the stores, I believe we should add more mass noted amounts (25, 50, 100, etc) of herbs/secondary drops that can be acquired from crystal chest, rare drop table, or from specific monsters that drop them in mass noted amounts as a rare-ish drop.
  11. Agility Guide

    Well i'm glad you did and i'm sure you made a lot of others very happy keep making them! The more the merrier! =)
  12. Woodcutting's road to 200m Woodcutting XP

  13. Woodcutting's road to 200m Woodcutting XP

    Excited to see how this goes =) u must fulfill ur woodcutting destiny young skywalker
  14. Upgrade Fire Cape via Tokkul

    Yea just add Fight Kiln. We need for PvMers. not just for pvpers to access tokhaar cape
  15. Agility Guide

    Another great guide done by Box! I love how you only use gold text to make it easy to read and i love how u got plenty of pics to help guides the noobs thru it =) It's an easy skill but we still needed a guide for it