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    Im down lmk when this happens again
  2. Goodbye

    Damn I'm gonna miss ya Greg it's gonna be tough finding another developer like yourself. I'm back now tho guys if we need any help in-game-wise or forum-wise I'm here to help. I even have some java experience if you wanna see how advanced/shitty my skills are lmk. I have experience with making shops, coding in objects, npcs, dialogue, commands, etc. I can help on little things here and there, but probably will be biggest help ingame or on forums. lmk if ya need me
  3. Introduction Nems

    Welcome to fury nems great to see a fresh face here. We all certainly hope that you will enjoy it here and hope to see you ingame a lot! Let me know if you need any help ever.
  4. Thanks for the update, greg! love the new fps/graphics so far still a little laggy on HD but that's to be expected with high graphics. Love the sounds effects so far sounds like they're too loud for my computer speaker tho but better than nothing! Thanks again =)
  5. Game Graphics Settings Breakdown

    Thanks for the advise Greg, will keep in mind
  6. Future Updates Poll

    Casted first vote for pvp/combat. Checked all of the second question choices. Would love to hear some nostalgic SFX and auto-playing songs that originate from specific regions; It sounds trivial to many, but I believe it’s the icing on top of the cake due to the fact that many players come to the server for the nostalgic high and you can experience that not only through visual effects, but through audible effects as well. It would only increase the high triggered not only by lightwaves, but by soundwaves as well. Would also like to see the new loyalty titles and throne system that’s donation tier based eventually whenever you guys are able to implement it or we could all vote on it later on if enough people like the ideas. Keep up the good work Greg love the polls =) thanks!!
  7. Whenever i attempt to perma-cancel a task under kuradel for 50pts IT DRAINS 50 POINTS FROM MY SLAYER POINTS AND DOESNT EVEN CANCEL THE TASK. So I've been using 10pt temp-cancel for now and its a pain in the ass.
  8. Sym's Suggestions Pt. 1

    1. Glad to hear! I tried to come up with some cool sounding titles with appropriate colors to them to help encourage players to work toward a badass title. And at the end of the day, it's something to make a player more unique in-game and keep players occupied and give them some more eye candy. I also do realize that some of these requirements for the titles may be either too hard/too easy for the community, so we all could figure out more reasonable numbers that are also challenging. 2. I agree with your viewpoint once reflecting upon this. I don't blame you if you don't want to add it, I just heard other players discussing it and figured it was worth suggesting. More importantly however, I was curious to see if we could somehow work easter basket, sled, bunny ears, christmas ghost robes, fancy boots and scythe into the game eventually either in a holiday event or implementing them into the voting store for high points to give players even more reasons to vote. 3. You're right, as a tier 99 armor its probably safe to leave in Dungeoneering. Maybe Promethium, Gorgonite, or katagon armor outside of dung for a high price? No big deal to me if not. 4. Sounds good to me. 5. Yeah a new donor zone with a safe frost dragon zone portal to asgarnia would be cool. I'm excited to see what u come up with. 6. As far as the throne chair thing goes, we could use the throne models that are in construction in order to get a hierarchal throne system going. For example, regular players have no throne when typing ::rest and simply proceed to just sit on the ground. Sapphire donors that type ::rest sit upon a 'gilded' throne, emerald/ruby members sit upon a 'skeleton' throne, diamond/dragonstone members sit upon a 'crystal' throne, and oynx donors and all staff members can sit upon the 'demonic' throne when enabling ::rest command. The ::rest command is disabled whenever walking somewhere else or when typing ::rest again or something like that. Here's all the throne's from construction that I found: And since they are from construction, maybe played have to have the original construction level required to build them within your home in order to sit upon them within game? Let me know what you think =)
  9. Sym's Suggestions Pt. 1

    1. New Loyalty Titles (make variety of colors, not just purple) (gives players feeling of more content in game and widened variety in customization of character) (more feeling of progression as well and achievement) Phantom - Kill Corporeal Beast 1000 times OR Receive all sigil drops from Corp (arcane, elysian, spectral, divine) Spectre - Receive at least one spectral sigil drop from Corporeal Beast Divine - Receive at least one divine sigil drop from Corporeal Beast Reaper - Complete 100 Death Slayer Tasks. Hence, Grim Reaper. OR 500 assigned bosses slain OR 1000 assigned bosses slain? Savage - Kill 1000 players total Relentless - 100 player killstreak Demonic / Demonslayer- Kill 1000 black demons under slayer task Nexual / Nexy - Kill Nex 100 times Overlord / Omnipotent - Consume 1000 overloads Legend - Lvl. 138 on legend mode OR 100m total legend mode xp Extreme - Lvl. 138 on extreme mode War Chief - Killing all bosses in game at least once Dragonslayer - Kill 10k dragons 2. Boss Point Store - 1 point per boss slain. Items: - Boss Pets (or boss pets in boss's drop list) - Full barrows sets (75-100 pts each?) - Bunny ears for high points (750) - Sled (1000 points) - Easter basket (1,250 points) - Christmas Ghost robes (300 each piece) - Scythe (1,500 points) - Abyssal Whip (25 points) - Staff of light (40 points) - Robin Hat / Ranger boots - Infinity boots / Dragon Boots (5 points each) - Legends Cape (50 points) - Quest Cape (5000 points) - Dark bow (8 points) - Experience lamp (10 points) - Fancy boots (35 points) 3. Primal Armor able to be worn outside of Dungeoneering; available in Dung Shop for 150k tokens per helm/platebody/platelegs, 75k for gloves/boots 4. Dragon arrows in range store 5. Ruby Donor Status + access to safe-zone frost dragons 6. Custom minigame on lunar isle with "lunar isle point store." kill abby demons for 3 points each (also need 85 slayer) greater demons/hellhounds for 2points each, white wolves/ice warriors/rock crabs for 1 point each, ice Strykewyrms for 5 points each (also need 93 slayer). Maybe point rate is multiplied by game mode like: 1.5x for extreme and 2x for legends. Items in store: - Lunar armor - Frost dragon bones - Dragon armor - Npc morphing rings, morph into npcs after wearing certain ring like greater demon, lesser demon, white wolf, abby demon, ice strykewyrm, hellhounds, rock crabs. ONLY INTO MINI VERSIONS SO THEY DON'T APPEAR TOO BIG IN AREAS LIKE HOME - Throne chairs you can sit into after typing ::rest or when right clicking 'rest' option in stamina orb
  10. Sym's Suggestions Pt. 1

    1. New Loyalty Titles Spectre - Receive at least one sigil drop from Corporeal Beast Reaper - Complete 100 Death Slayer Tasks. Hence, Grim Reaper.
  11. Client stability - 04/04/2018

    Thanks for the update, greg. everything looks nice
  12. Prayer Guide {WIP}

    If you're too broke to buy a large amount of dragon/frost dragon bones either from other players in-game or in the ::store and you need 95+ slayer level for unique abilities such as Soul Split or Turmoil, then this guide is for you. This Prayer Guide will consist primarily of two different bone-collecting methods: Green Dragons and Blue Dragons. Why Green and Blue Dragons, you ask? Because Green and Blue Dragons are the lowest level dragons in the game with the lowest combat level and lowest amount of health. Given this, they're easier and more efficient for players to kill if their current objective is to accumulate an abundance of dragon bones. I personally prefer East Green Dragons for farming my dbones due to the fact that there's a large population of dragons in that location and they will constantly aggressively attack you. Dragon bones cost 100k-250k per bone Frost Dragon bones cost approximately 500k per bone Several factors to consider that will increase the rate of dragon bones per hour: 96 summoning - To summon Pack Yak. Pack Yak's are a beast of burden that allows you have 30 more item slots on your person when you go out on a dbone run. Full inventory of bones plus full Pack Yak storages equals 58 bones. 43 Pray - So that you can pray mage/melee when fighting dragons. Anti-dragon Shield, Dragonfire Shield or antifire potions to protect from dragon breath. Make sure u have about 4 pray potions/super restores and manta rays in inventory as well obviously. METHOD 1 : GREEN DRAGONS ALL GREEN DRAG LOCATIONS IN WILDERNESS! BEWARE OF PKERS!!!! 3 Different Locations: 1. West Dragons (Level 10 Wilderness): - Open up Spellbook, click "W" Wilderness Teleportation Tab... - Run Northward after teleporting 2. East Dragons (Level 23 Wilderness): - Open up Spellbook, click "W" Wilderness Teleportation Tab... - Run Westward after teleporting 3. Forinthry Dungeon Green Dragons: - Run North from Edgeville wilderness border, past the tree-line and into 'cave entrance' shortly after tree-line OR - Use Communion Portal at ::dzone to get into Forinthry Dungeon METHOD 2 : BLUE DRAGONS Main location is at Taverley Dungeon - Open up Spellbook tab > "D" Dungeon Tele > Third Dungeon Page > Taverley Dungeon ALTERNATE METHOD : FROST DRAGONS Frost Dragons can be found in the "W" Wilderness teleport OR In Northeast corner of Asgarnia Ice Dungeon found in last page of "D" Dungeon Tele tab - This requires 85 Dungeoneering to enter as it is the only non-wilderness location of Frost Dragons LAST, BUT NOT LEAST: DO NOT SIMPLY BURY THESE BONES IN THE GROUND AFTER COLLECTING HUNDREDS OF THEM USE ALL BONES ON WHITE ALTAR AT HOME AFTER READING VOTEBOOKS TO ACTIVATE BONUS XP RATE THIS BONUS XP RATE STACKS WITH THE BONUS XP THAT'S ACTIVE ON WEEKENDS TO USE BONES ON ALTAR RIGHT CLICK BONE, PRESS 'USE' AND THEN CLICK ALTAR AT HOME AND WHEN A PICTURE OF A PILE OF BONES POPS UP IN CHATBOX AREA, RIGHT CLICK THE PICTURE AND SELECT ALL
  13. Ultra HD Mode & More - 26/03/2018

    Holy shit greg! HUGE UPDATE! We are so lucky to have u and idk if i'd even be playing this server if u weren't programming it... i probably wouldn't lol. KEEP IT UP MANE I LOVE IT!!!! PS: this is what happens when i use ::aa
  14. Death Room

    I agree with this. A lot of times I’ll look away from the screen for a couple seconds or minutes and I forget what I was doing and die. Maybe there could also be an option to buy ur items from death lost only inside of safe zones as well?
  15. Bane here.

    look forward to seeing u in-game always is a great thing to see fresh faces here on fury! Have fun and compete to be one of the best skillers on ::highscores !! The more competitive we are here the more fun fury is!