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  1. Hilley911's Goals for Fury

    Defo especially since the skills are x1 and combat is only x5 im going to have a bit of fun tbh and a lot of vote books to be shed so far at 15 saved up thanks for the support though going to need all i can get.
  2. My goals on fury is to pretty much get completionist cape on all modes and #1 spot on highscores on every mode seems like a fun but yet long grind of a challenge/goal to me ^_^. Oh and maybe max cash on all accounts would be nice as well xD.
  3. A Fury Glacors Guide

    Thanks for the guide huge help as due to glacors are a pain sometimes xD.
  4. Needing some ideas on what i should name the youtube channel ill be creating for furyps for guides,pk videos, giveaways, maxing vids, ect.
  5. Nice Update thank god for the donation command fix lol cause i still havent had my $8 donated transfered to my totally amount on hilley911 lmao
  6. Hilley911's Staff Application

    Timezone: Cst Discord Tag: hilley911#4923 Languages:English and some spanish InGame name: hilley911 Your contributions to Fury: $38 Donated and soon i will be making youtube videos of the server. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I would make a good addition due to i dont mind helping others in need of help, ive been staff of multiple servers plus i was owner of my own at one point in time so i do have some staff experience and also i treat others equally my #1 golden rule in life treat others how you want to be treated. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: usually anywhere from 8-15 hours a day.