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  1. kalphite queen broken

    went to kalphite to get rapped today. hit speeds every tick or so. so 3-5 hitboxes show up before any can go away and are hitting freaking hard. couldnt even retrieve my stuff. lost a c maul, arma legs, bcp, b ring, and slayer helm. wikied it and kalphite is suppose to swing eery 2.4 seconds and it was doing multi hits per second
  2. Introduction Nems

    ill be your friend, you nerd
  3. Watari's Tips & Tricks {WIP}

    thanks man
  4. Quality of life - 07/04/2018

    please boost grave sites timer by like 3 mins. if you die soloing gwd your fked.
  5. Herbicide nonfunctional

    will not let me pick which herbs to toss and keep. didnt work for a grimy guam drop for sure. cant gurantee any other herbs until further use