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  1. good job bud keep it going.
  2. Easter Egg update?

    yea idk why it did that sorry, and thanks for the option pass the word around we should have more active people on the forums.
  3. Easter Egg update?

    i would like if you could get xp lamps in game some type of way but i also think egg should do something or be able to show off in some way
  4. Easter Egg update?

    so do you think it should be a 99 on reg but the the xp modified for extreme and legend?
  5. Easter Egg update?

    Hey everyone, so we all know there are some items in the game that have an unknown price, one of the items in game are the Easter egg it is beyond rare being only one or two in game giving it what you would think is a great value but it does nothing making its value nearly nothing itself, that being said i suggest that the item be givin the power to grant you something when you consume it such as instant 200m in any skill of your choosing or something of that length because it is so rare. what do you think?
  6. Pure Essence Farming Guide

    side note if you get skeletons as slayer task it will telly you down there so you don't have to kill zombies till you get a hatchet just bring one with you =)