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  1. Buying forum signature

    Thanks to Lynx !!! He made a good job, and got fury orn !
  2. Item drop server message bug

    Thanks Ragnar, we will fix it as soon as possible
  3. Buying forum signature

    Okay so i need a forum signature i will list a few points that i want in the signature and if i like any of them and choose to use it ill will pay you with a 10mills in game or fury ornament kit Must include these points: Runescape npc old wise man Name (Old) Moderator and then apart from that use your imagine to make it epic!

    Corporeal best event So yeah guys, i'm hosting a fun event, mass at corp, maybe we could get some sexy sigils, we will be in "help" cc with lootshare on. The event will start wednesday 18:00 on server time. I will lend few vesta spears, and some gano items if you will need These are sets for newbie and rockie ( I will add photos later ) Helm : Neitz or gano Weapon :Vesta spear/ Zammy spear amulet: glory/fury Shield: none ofc Top : Black dhides/ Gano top Gloves: Barrows gloves Legs : Black dhides/ Gano legs Ring: row/row (i) P.s. Short guide -
  5. Guide to all achievements

    WOW !!! Nice work man ! Nice work
  6. Free Void

    Hello Boyz ! Everything is simple Friday at 19:00( server time) I am hosting a Pest control event ! More people faster points, i asked fury for double points so you will regret if you wont come If you planning to be just write down below - in comments
  7. Bug Fixes - 09/05/2018

    Greg, this update means a lot to me Now i can play
  8. Bug Fixes - 05/05/2018

    I cant wait to try dung on legend !!!! Greg you are the best !!!!!
  9. Ragnar's Armadyl Guide (UPDATED)

    Nice work with this guide man! I think this guide will help a lot of people !
  10. Bug Fixes - 02/05/2018

    Nice work Greg !
  11. Crashed Star Sprite Bug

    Thanks for reporting bug, Ragnar ! Greg will fix it as fast as he can
  12. Old goes for Helper

    Application Format Timezone: GMT+2 Discord Tag:OLD#4063 Languages: English InGame name: Old Your contributions to Fury: At this moment, only Fishing guide, and a lot of help in game Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: Because i'm friendly, helpful, and i love this game, i like to play it, and i like to help players How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: i'm trying to woke up 1h earlier to play before job, and after my job i usually play all of my time (About 5 hours at work days and 10h at weekends) What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: Knowledge, devotion, and kindness Time played - 500h
  13. Road for Helper. Fishing is easy skill of course it deppends on wich mode you are, so here is best places and ways to train Fishing. Gl Guys on 99 ! 1. From levels 1 - 25 Spot : Draynor Village ( skilling teleport -> Woodcutting -> draynor ) Shrimps and Anchovies 2. From levels 25 - 40 Spot : i choose Entrana (Skilling teleport -> Fishing -> Entrana ) Pikes 3. From levels 40 - 76 Spot : Fishing guild ( skilling teleport -> Fishing -> fishing guild) Lobsters ( easier on cooking later too ) 4. From levels 76 - 85 ( Or 99) Spot : Fishing guild ( skilling teleport -> Fishing -> fishing guild) Sharks 5. From level 85 - 99 Spot : Skilling teleport -> mining -> Living rock caverns I did with cavefishes but you can do with sharks aswell Exp rates and fishes Regular Extreme Legend 1. Shirmps and anchovies (1-15) 400 exp , 6 shrimps 100 exp, 25 shrimps 10 exp, 240 shrimps 2. Pikes (15-40) 2.4k exp, 15 pikes 600Exp, 60 pikes 60 exp, 580 pikes 3. Lobsters (40-76) 3.6k exp, 360 lobsters 900 exp, 1.4k lobsters 90 exp, 14k lobsters 4. Sharks (76-85) 4.4k exp, 436 sharks 1.1k exp, 1.7k sharks 110 exp, 17k sharks 5. Cavefishes (85-99) 15k exp, 651 cavefish 3k exp, 3.8k cavefishes 300 exp, 32k cavefishes
  14. Bug Fixes - 22/04/2018

    Great job Greg !!! Smooth and fast as always !