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    Thanks for this static its really helpful
  2. Sosa's Agility guide.

    Thought of making one since there is none. First you'll start at the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course. How to get there: Spell book tab > Skilling Teleports > Agility > Gnome Stronghold Agility Course. You'll train here until level 35. Once you reach level 35 you'll want to go to the Barbarian Outpost Course. How to get there: Spell book tab > Skilling Teleports > Agility > Barbarian Outpost Course. You'll train here until level 52. After level 52 is Wilderness Course (50 Wilderness). How to get there: Spell book tab > Skilling Teleports > Agility > Wilderness Course (50 Wilderness) . you'll want to train here until level 85. This one is in the wilderness so you shouldn't bring anything on you... if you still don't want to train in the wilderness you can train at the Barbarian Outpost Course until level 85. Ok now after you reach level 85 you'll want to head over to Advanced Gnome Stronghold Course. How to get there: Same teleport as the Gnome Stronghold Course but this time you'll need to climb up the tree after climbing up the tree branch. You'll train here until level 90. Now the final course which is the Advanced Barbarian Outpost Course. How to get there: Same teleport as the Barbarian Outpost Course but this time you'll need to climb up the wall after crossing the log. You'll train here until 99. An important thing is that you can use your agility tickets for agility experience! each ticket gives 6160 experience. How many tickets each course gives: Gnome Stronghold Agility Course - 4 tickets. Barbarian Outpost Course - 5 tickets. Wilderness Course (50 Wilderness) - 7 tickets. Advanced Gnome Stronghold Agility Course - 7 tickets. Advanced Barbarian Outpost Course - 8 tickets. I hope this guide helps <3 . - Love Sosa.
  3. Love Sosa's Helper application.

    Internet problems and real life issues and was busy with school!. you can close this application by the way cause i wont be active much atm and im trying to play when i have time. will make another one when i feel like its the right time. thanks for replying <3.
  4. Suggestions Of A Noob.

    I think the market area should be at G.E. nice suggestions tho!.
  5. Official FuryPS Events

    Great events, can't wait!!.
  6. Love Sosa's Helper application.

    Timezone: 2 hours ahead of UTC. Discord Tag: Love Sosa#3754. Languages: English, Arabic and a little bit of Hebrew. In-Game name: Love Sosa. Your contributions to Fury: Helped finding a lot of bugs in Beta testing, I also posted a guide in the Guides & Tutorials section, and i am constantly helping players when i am active in-game. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I know the game very well and been here since beta testing!, I'm also very willing to help people, especially at my timezone and a very nice person that wants to meet and help new players. How much do you spend time on Fury daily?: usually 2-4 hours and sometimes more. What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: Active, Helpful and Respectful. Game time:
  7. Some of my work.

    Nice man, i like frimby's.
  8. Some Quick Suggestions pre release

    I like these two.
  9. Evil tree - 17/01/2018

    great work greg.
  10. Nice idea, but isn't this supposed to be in the events section?.
  11. Anti-fire pot does not work

    title says it all hehe .
  12. Friends chat

    i have reported this since beta testing lol.. maybe Greg didn't see it.
  13. Slayer [part 1/2]

    Good work Greg, can't wait for part 2!.