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  1. Huge update for May!

    This looks sick I can't wait to try rzone and farm some armor at warriors guild, you put in a lot of work my dude good shit
  2. Guide to all achievements

    Jesus this is well done nice work mane
  3. Hello, I am very late to the party ONLY maxed ironman.
  4. Bug Fixes - 09/05/2018

    Two huge updates in there with the dancing and auto retaliate, couldnt have come soon enough during my dunge grind! Thanks Greg
  5. Bug Fixes - 02/05/2018

    I fw these ironman updates heavy
  6. Spellbooks - 30/04/2018

    Great fixes and I'm looking forward to new spells and functional spells!
  7. PvP updates - Give feedback

    I'm really looking forward to functional wilderness slayer and new spells as a whole. The biggest thing for me is adding a wilderness warning to the frost dragons teleport in deep wilderness. Mostly because its in the training teleports and easy to misclick. As for adding NPCs adding lesser greater and black demon tasks, Abyssal demons, Chaos dwarves, Chaos elementals, Gargoyles, WildyWyrms, and Ice Wyrms would make my day. Overall I'm a big fan of the new game mode and I hope all of this comes to life.
  8. Future Updates Poll

    Done, super looking forward to the tree farming update when its added
  9. Disclaimer: I have only been playing for around 45 hours, if any of these are planned updates or have been discussed already I apologize. Note: May also be a little biased. -ADD RUNE CROSSBOW TO IRONMAN SHOP. IT CANNOT BE OBTAINED WITHOUT TREE ROOTS. I WOULD HAVE TO KILL KREE ARRA WITH A MSB UNTIL IT DROPS AN XBOW JUST TO BE ABLE TO USE IT. PLEASE I BEG OF YOU. lol -Add regular bait to ironman shop (we already have to farm literally everything else and most skip the headache and shrimp till 40) -Rework of cannon so its more consistent (mostly so you can pick up loot w/o headache) -Add more npcs to every slayer task (things like kalphite where only 3 spawn in a room when there should be around 7-8 at least)If Unwilling to add more npcs atleast increase the respawn rate -Fix bug forcing you to get stuck randomly during gnome agility course (midway on log or midway on balancing rope, forces you to tele back) -Make group Dungeoneering worth it, right now its too slow with multiple people and high complexity and not worth doing as a group. (Faster solo exp)( Also if accepted as an update please do not nerf solo dunge as a fix) -When attempting to loot items with auto retaliate on you get sucked back to the monster way to quickly almost impossible to loot or pick up cannon (worse when in multi zone) (Don't know how you would fix this but it's lowkey painful to deal with) -Add a cannon timer or make it never disappear (Maybe its hiding and I missed it? Don't think it exists) -Make gravestones last longer for higher price instead of being cosmetic ( I.E. If I'm paying 20m for a gravestone it should last longer then the 2 minute cap its at right now and sales seem to be purely cosmetic) -Fix auto retaliate bug at things like abberant spectres where you wont fight back until you relog -Fix cannon requiring 5 inventory slots to pick up (Should be 4) -Change summoning to only highlight pouches you have the material to create (If I only have the resources for terrorbirds then they should be the only colored pouch on the obelisk) -Add a ::searchdrops itemname command so we can look for specific NPCs to farm for resources. (Its very hard to tell because every private server has a different drop table, sometimes I just want to know what monsters drop shit like coal) -Add a working search option to banks (Purely Qol)