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  1. Location - Kharidian Desert Where to go - Skilling teleport - Crafting - El Kharid - Run South
  2. Location - Karamja How to get there - Skilling - Farming - 2nd page - Brimhaven - Run
  3. Introduction Nems

    Hey, my name is Don AKA Nems. I'm 23 years old and i have no life so i play runescape! I really enjoyed playing osrs but after maxing out 3 accounts, i got bored so i started to look around runescape and found runescape private servers, after not enjoying mutiple/hunderds of server i ended up here on Fury. I really like this server because of the staff member being really nice to everyone and very polite! My goal is to become helper/staff myself and help out all the peeps on FuryPS! Hopefully everyone will see me around for a long time, and hopefully build up a nice community and maybe even friendships with some people! <3 -Nems/Don