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  5. SCAZboii Staff App

    Rules and Requirements × You will not comment on other people's applications 24 hours before you will apply yourself. × You will not comment on other people's applications during the time you have an application up. × You will take the application seriously, if not you are suspended from the application board. × You will not create another topic in this board until your application is handled. × You must take a picture of your ingame time and add it to this topic. × Your account must be created 10 days before you apply. × Your account must have 25 forum posts (non-spam posts). × You must have a total of 4 days of logged in time on your account. × You are not allowed to have any warning points on your account. × You are not allowed to link your application to other users or tell them to support your application. × If your application is declined you are not allowed to post another one for 10 days. You also need 3 guides. You will not post an application if you do not meet the requirements. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Application Format Timezone: Discord Tag: Languages: InGame name: Your contributions to Fury: Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: Since you don't meet any requirements and obviously didn't read the rules before posting. -1
  6. Iprometheus Helper/Staff Application

    This application I will +1 for, you've always been helpful whenever I've seen you online. Granted your contributions should also contain your 3 guides, but never the less. I think you'd be a good helper. Best of luck and godspeed.
  7. Staff Application

    1. You did not take this application seriously and don't meet ANY of the requirements. 2. Your Contributions to Fury is the three guides you've made yourself and not copied and pasted from rswiki. Not the amount of money "you're about to donate". Good luck lol
  8. Farming Charms

    Charms are easily obtained from slayer tasks or Bossing. That's why I have 80m summoning xp on legend mode. Nice copy and paste from the wiki though 😂
  9. Sym's Resignation

    Welcome to the other side Chief. It is a dark month for FuryPS indeed.
  10. My Resignation

    Big F
  11. Zzstatic Helper Rank Application

    Your contributions besides donating are supposed to be your 3 Guides. It feels as if this application was rushed for a power grab Good luck
  12. My Resignation

    Is ok chief, he forgot to add you cause you were a huge help too 💚 Thanks G, godspeed
  13. My Resignation

    Hello from the other side
  14. My Resignation

    Hello everyone, I'm sure a few of you noticed my inactivity the past couple weeks. Originally, I had a lot of school work to do, on top of other things (work, girlfriend, family). So there was/is little to no time for me to play, but now I just don't feel like coming back as a staff member. I've spent my couple of weeks enjoying little to no responsibilities and I want to continue on like this. I will probably come back to simply play the game as it's meant to be played, but I am resigning from my position as Global Moderator. I wish everyone the best of luck, Ragnar
  15. Account Ban

    Request denied.