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  1. Huge update for May!

    Thank you bro, I do like the fact ruby tier donors and up get a new zone to use. I can't wait to see it all in-game! Could we possibly get a zone for the tiers higher than ruby as well?
  2. So I was doing my slayer task, grinding to hit 85 slayer and stumbled across this little gem. If I can recall correctly, any item worth over 1m in alch value will show a server message saying "Fury has received 1x Elysian Sigil from Corporeal Beast" for example. As you can see here I did get an Archers' Ring from my task but there was no message, which led me to think it's under the 1m alch value. But as you can see here I am not wrong and it's in fact above 1m in alch value Not that big of an issue to be honest, but I just still want to bring it to the staff's attention. Love you guys Ragnar
  3. Goodbye

    Farewell Greg, I will say I am sad to see you go! :c I wish you the best of luck and I agree with Muse, I have no doubt you will make a name for yourself You are one of the most OP developers I've ever had the chance to make acquaintances with, and it was a pleasure reporting bugs to you and watching you work your magic. Take care bro. <3 Ragnar
  4. Bug Fixes - 09/05/2018

    Thanks for the update! Might go test out Dominion Staff to see it in action
  5. Ragnar's Armadyl Guide (UPDATED)

    I don't really use summoning at gwd, makes it more challenging imo. Which is what I like and with that max set up at Arma, titan is not needed. You should come duo with me sometime, you'll see what I'm talking about Titan does make it easy and I do recommend it if you don't have dominion crossbow.
  6. Bug Fixes - 05/05/2018

    I might start doing dung now, thanks Greg!
  7. Ragnar's Armadyl Guide (UPDATED)

    Alright thanks man, I'll finish grabbing the screenshots and edit it today
  8. Today I am presenting you with my guide for how I solo Armadyl in God Wars Dungeon. First off you'll need to make the mithril grapple. You can find both items at Bob overe here. Next you'll navigate through his menu and they should be in the second row, close to the left. They are literally right next to each other Last step here is to simply use the rope on the grapple Next step is teleporting there, it will send you to Trollheim if you haven't been to God Wars Dungeon yet so if you haven't gone there already I recommend buying another rope because you will need it. You will also need the strength requirement to move the boulder. I recommend doing this part first that way you don't have have to waste the slot for the rope Now I want you to keep going north until you see the minions along the wall and click above them and you will make your way to the boulder. Last two steps here are moving the boulder. and using the rope on the hole. This next step is using the grapple, when entering GWD run south west until you see the Agility icon and wield the grapple. All that's left now before entering the boss room is getting the required kill count and they will be listed below Regular Players: 15 Sapphire Donors: 12 Emerald Donors: 10 Ruby Donors: 7 Diamond Donors: 5 Dragonstone Donors: 2 Onyx Donors: No kill count required, 0. With this I am basically saying kill the melee minion first when entering the room. Because they will do the most damage. Now with this second one, you can either go for the mage minion or the boss itself (depending on your setup). I prefer doing the mage minion second especially for the players who aren't using Pernix and Dominion bow, because killing Kree'arra too quickly will have it respawn mid minion fight. These next one's will be of the setups I have personally used in my experience solo'ing Kree'arra. Granted not everyone will have the same gear as me before I got my max setup (Armadyl d'hide, Archers (i), Fury, Rangers/Glaivens, Robin, B Gloves, Ava's Accumulator, Rune c'bow, Dragon (e) bolts, and Unholy Book.) This next one is basically the max set up for solo'ing Kree'arra. (Full Pernix, Dominion C'bow or Chaotic C'bow, Dragon (e) bolts, Elysian Spirit Shield, Fury, Ring of Wealth (i), B Gloves, and Glaivens.) You do not need the charming imp, but I bring it just so I don't even have to pick up charms. Even at 99 Well that about sums up my guide ladies and gentlemen. I hope you guys find this guide useful, I'll always be down to duo and what not if you guys are scared and want to see it first hand. Just message me in-game when I'm online. Side note, Kree and the minions drop food so I would always pick them up and use it to your advantage whenever they drop food -Ragnar
  9. Crashed Star Sprite Bug

    Thanks man, you guys are always on top of it
  10. Crashed Star Sprite Bug

    No problem man, I am here to help
  11. Crashed Star Sprite Bug

    So today a couple players and myself are mining the Crashed Star and we made it to the Sprite stashed away inside, and for some reason we can't speak to it because we all get this same error message in our feeds Granted I will probably still mine the stars for the XP, but I hope this gets patched soon. Thank you guys for taking the time to review this and fix it! Ragnar
  12. Spellbooks - 30/04/2018

    Thanks for the fixes Greg, can't wait to see spells in action in-game!
  13. Strykewyrm Slayer Bug

    So I decided to turn on my Exp counter to see how much exp I would get from my tasks start to finish, since I usually leave it off unless when bossing and noticed I was getting less slayer exp on some kills. I asked Fury if this was a bug and he assured me it was, so I grabbed some screenshots to report the bug. As shown 336 exp is about my normal slayer exp rate on Legend per Desert Strykewyrm. I've noticed this only happens with strykewyrm tasks As shown in this screenshot, you only see me getting summoning exp for having the Charming Imp and get 0 slayer exp for a kill. And in this last screenshot, you can see me getting a tiny amount of exp like if I was killing low tier slayer monsters Thanks for reviewing this, and I hope it gets patched soon! Love you guys. Ragnar
  14. PvP updates - Give feedback

    Casted my vote! <3
  15. So one of my friends decided to play Fury today and was high enough on his extreme account to do the RFD quest, I gladly showed him where to start it and he tells me his screen is black and that he's taking damage when entering the portal. So I made an account to check it for myself and as shown in the proof below, he isn't wrong. Your client does stay like that and you will take damage and die, fortunately you can just ::home and you're good. Gotta give credit to my boy PC for telling me this so I can share it with you all. Just wanted to make everyone on Fury aware! <3