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  1. Wow, that interface is. Just wow looks so clean and beautiful. Thank you for all these fixes as well and content updates! Great job team
  2. AdamR's Helper application

    +1 You're very helpful in Help cc, very informative, and overall a nice person. I hope you get the position, best of luck mate!
  3. Thank you for this very big update! I can't wait to see it tonight when I hop on Thank you Fury and Nando for all these fixes awesome content updates as well.
  4. Salutations

    I hope you enjoy yourself here Welcome! 😃
  5. Hiya, I'm iPrometheus/Rob

    Welcome to the forums side of Fury! And best of luck with your legend, welcome to the grindscape 😃
  6. Diamond Donor Zone

    I would love for this to happen! I've been diamond donor for a long time and was hoping they'd get a more badass zone than Ruby zone but there weren't enough people that tier or better when I suggested it. +1
  7. Player owned houses (POH)

    I would like to see House Parties make it's way to Fury, but yeah the house dungeons would have to be working. I don't see it happening right away, but like Sym said I can see it being done down the road in the future House Parties was my shit back in the day! Definitely going to +1 this
  8. Hey, that's exactly what I do.. but with Range Great video man, that's definitely something I'll try. I never thought of using magic before
  9. I agree, Nando is killing it with these updates Keep up the great work man!
  10. Das good, I'm not trying to risk my dom weapons. It took forever to find sellers
  11. Just have Symbiotic take some screenshots and show you ;p I won't be doing my bank and stats post until I have my own computer, out of respect since it's not my laptop
  12. I'll pay you in herb That'll be 1 succ pls
  13. Looks good, my bank only has 4-5 tabs. 1. Misc. Junk 2. Skilling supplies 3. Rares/PvM items 4. Capes 5. General cosmetics I'll grab screenshots and make a post like everyone sometime
  14. Soooooo uh, wanna organize my bank for me? Kappa
  15. Bolin's Helper Application

    I agree with Symbiotic, I think you'd be a good addition to the team as long as you're still active on Forums and InGame helping people out as much as humanly possible. +1, best of luck man