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  1. Staff Application

    1. You did not take this application seriously and don't meet ANY of the requirements. 2. Your Contributions to Fury is the three guides you've made yourself and not copied and pasted from rswiki. Not the amount of money "you're about to donate". Good luck lol
  2. Farming Charms

    Charms are easily obtained from slayer tasks or Bossing. That's why I have 80m summoning xp on legend mode. Nice copy and paste from the wiki though 😂
  3. Sym's Resignation

    Welcome to the other side Chief. It is a dark month for FuryPS indeed.
  4. My Resignation

    Big F
  5. Zzstatic Helper Rank Application

    Your contributions besides donating are supposed to be your 3 Guides. It feels as if this application was rushed for a power grab Good luck
  6. My Resignation

    Is ok chief, he forgot to add you cause you were a huge help too 💚 Thanks G, godspeed
  7. My Resignation

    Hello from the other side
  8. My Resignation

    Hello everyone, I'm sure a few of you noticed my inactivity the past couple weeks. Originally, I had a lot of school work to do, on top of other things (work, girlfriend, family). So there was/is little to no time for me to play, but now I just don't feel like coming back as a staff member. I've spent my couple of weeks enjoying little to no responsibilities and I want to continue on like this. I will probably come back to simply play the game as it's meant to be played, but I am resigning from my position as Global Moderator. I wish everyone the best of luck, Ragnar
  9. Account Ban

    Request denied.
  10. Account Ban

    All donations are final. You should've thought about that before scamming two different players.
  11. Sym's December Suggestions

    +1 to all of these! That red crown looking tight
  12. Huge Giveaways! over 1.3b in items!

    Best of luck to everyone whom entered.
  13. Road To Completionist Iron Man | Episode 2

    Keep the grind goin
  14. AdamR's mediocre bank

    Look at that bonk. Beautiful
  15. One Year Anniversary

    It has been a great year here, and hopefully there's more to come! I still am grateful for that time you helped me out when my Ex-boss didn't pay me on time thank you 💚