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  1. Lena Oxton's Kalphite Queen Guide

    Amazing guide!! Just wow. The amount of detail you put into this will without a doubt help players 👍 Putting my boss guides to shame ;P
  2. Excellent work boys, let's keep the ball rolling and ride the wave!
  3. I don't mind earning my void back tbh, and sweet! More time to grind when I'm not being a console peasant
  4. Hey, I'm Malou!

    Welcome to Fury boss Hope you enjoy your stay =)
  5. Gimik' Mining Guide

    It is, but it's also a good way how to get an extra section for the guide. You can add "this is what you'll earn during BXP weekend" section or something similar to that lol, food for thought
  6. Gimik' Mining Guide

    Love the guide, love the amount of detail you used. Only thing I would love to see added would be the xp rates for the modes but that's me
  7. Lena Oxton's Crafting Guide

    No problem, kind words can go a long way =) It really is a helpful guide, I might try leveling mine when I get a chance
  8. Lena Oxton's Crafting Guide

    Great guide! Love the amount of effort and detail you put into this. Keep up the good work b
  9. First PvP update!

    Oooooh damn, Scythe in-game gents. It's all ogre now Thanks to the boys
  10. The start of PvP updates!

    Ooooo, this is gonna bring some new income/player base. Keep up the good work guys!
  11. Sym's Suggestion POLL

    Well thanks for at least telling us Psyched for these others that are forsure and the ones that are possibilities
  12. Progress atm

    Thanks man, I used some screenshots from guides and what not and obviously rare drops
  13. Progress atm

    I could've gotten 99 before you but chose not to Remember that <3
  14. Progress atm

    Hello guys, bringing you my achievement after hitting 1,000+ hours in-game. and of course we're gonna start from the beginning when I originally made this to PvM/Boss so combat only (2 agility from tutorial) Before: My stats when I was power leveling my legend nonstop Time played around the time I almost maxed combat (without prayer) My bank back then These next ones are when I started bossing after maxing combat except for prayer, I kept it 95 for a while When I was sapphire rank b2b minion loot Now that b2b bandos loot might be impressive, but nothing stands out more than this to me. I got this bad boy before I ever attempted bandos (my first rare drop basically at 60 KC and its 1/1.7k or something on legend) Still looks beautiful, even for a sapphire donor. When I made myself Ruby Tier and tested my RNG with the cracker Blue was the first, so I went in for #2 and got green as a second (original color I wanted, but changed over time) When I first became Diamond Tier Just after hitting diamond, b2b dhatchets luck lol Right before Old was staff and Badman was still a helper :3 (I actually trained some skills when bored) Kind of in the middle (when I applied for helper) The last screenshot of my rare's that I no longer have aka phat and santa, I did some major upgrading imo After: Taken a couple days ago before selling some stuff Taken today after organizing my bank a little bit Current kill counts More recent drop log when comparing with other players/staff I hope you guys enjoyed this, it has been a great 1k hours logged and hopefully we can keep it going!
  15. Sym's Suggestion POLL

    Man, soon as I read "able to pick more than one answer" it was over. I basically voted for 7/10 Wasn't on the list, but I would love to see Dominion Sword become 1h instead of 2h Top 5 Kiln, mostly because it's bis cape besides Max and Comp. Gives people on Legend something to use besides the Firecape and Legends cape Loyalty titles, I would love seeing new loyalty titles such as Warrior, Savage, General, God of War, Genocidal, Game mode titles (for legend's and extreme's), etc. or maybe even the ability to do customized titles within reason Scythe, Scythe should definitely be in-game because it is probably one of the most desired cosmetics with the sled. I would love to be able to obtain it for like 5-10k slayer points or by completing 100 death tasks. Sled, and the other cosmetics, there will always be people who love cosmetics. So Scythe, Sled and all these other cosmetics that are not in-game at the moment, I think should be added in-game. (not a priority) Donation capes, I do like the idea of donation tier capes or at least rank capes in a sense because it also expands the variety since Black Santa is technically the only custom item on the market.