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  1. Donor benefits feedback?

    really nice list of them, good job.
  2. Gergoyle bug (maybe)

    So i got Gergoyle slayer task. and when you killing it, in finish you need smash them to finish of. But if you dont smash him, you hitting 1. you getting combat xps. but also you getting more slayer xp. the more hitting before smash the more xp you get. dont know how to explain. like per kill on bonus xp you get like 3100 slayer xp. but if you dont smash in the end and hitting him 1. every hit it gives like +5 slayer xps. So i tested and normal i get like 3100 slayer xp but when i try with afk i got 3325xp i think dont remember, but more xps. So you can afk and get more and more xp. i dont know if its bug, but i think staff members should know.
  3. Sup

    I also love vaping. nice to know you.
  4. finalyy, great work guys, thank for update
  5. niceeee!!! dung for extremes will be pain. goodluck all extremes
  6. Forum Updates 29/11/17

    didnt know that, good job
  7. wooooooow great updates, after dungeonering i will try fishing. thanks for it
  8. Hello.

    heeeey, nice to see you in the server
  9. Great job, thank you for making fury better and better
  10. Staff Update 11/26/17

    gz, he deserve it. watzun1 goodluck in future.
  11. Now i reach that dung level. thanks
  12. 150 CKEY OPENING!

    Not bad, nice video, goodwork
  13. Getting Started

    Its all about po.n sites, that's why hes playing low graphic
  14. Glacors - 21/11/2017

    yeeeeh , nice updates and that dungeoneering, thanks for it
  15. Getting Started

    The best guide i have ever seen, those pictures, daaaaaamn, nice work