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  1. My IronMan Drops

    thanks man
  2. Early Ironman Tips

    Sure thing and thank you.
  3. Evil tree guide

    great guide dude
  4. decent barrows loot today

    took me a few hours i melee'd them i just do a run i never have to drink a ppot or eat a shark as soon as i loot i just home tele heal and repeat
  5. 50 chest today https://gyazo.com/5869008131335b60a3cca6c07625eea5
  6. Yahoo's Money Making guide

    Not a bad guide at all
  7. Ore

    I would love to see some coal rocks that have3-4 ore in them in the dzone would make mining there viabel
  8. Random things

    Irons cant buy form the culinromancer chest and spawns maybe not but id like the spiders to at least drop the eggs.
  9. Fortnite

    Anyone play fortnite?
  10. Random things

    Should add in clicking numbers for chatbox options Add buckets to one of the ironman shops as well as ring moulds would be great. Tree farming We need a way to get red spider eggs other than through summoning none if the spawns actually spawn and none of the spiders drop the eggs
  11. Bugs

    OK so I have been playing for a few days now and just keep track of small or big bugs i have come across, there also may be some suggestions in here as well i apologize ahead of time for not putting them in the correct place hunter lvl and traps are off the texture effects in dung are buggy the doors dont always show if its a gd or a key door or a skill door you have to toggle the texture effects on and off most of the tine to even see the effect pathing is weird sometime certain objects need you to be right next to use/attack/climb over being able to hit a number and it choose the chat lines in chat box would be a great addition floor 31 in dung is bugged also rooms are linked im not sure if its a texture bug as well but sometimes it shows someone running across the room you're in but they are on the other side of the dungeon stairs leaving thieving guild leads to no mans land. kaplhite workers says its multi but i cant attack another while under attack. polypore dungeon is buggy. deposit all on the bank it buggy as well sometimes items don't go in the tab you have open. right click and clicking on something in a list doesn't always click on the correct line. ( i think this may only be in realizable im not 100% sure ::drops doesn't work for kurask if there is an event going on it needs to poop up in the chat box when you log in needs to be a ::command to see events for different day(if its not randomized) top 100 doesn't work when net hunting the tree goes invisible sometimes royal dhide should be coded in fletching arrow shafts gives 1500 xp maple longs dont even give 1k bonecrusher would be a nice add