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  1. several bugs

    herblore - prayer renewals are essential especially for slayers and boss fights but buying them when achieving 99 herblore is a long wait when you could make them at level 92, would be good to see this in the next coming weeks. some ingredients for herblore are impossible to get e.g grenwall spikes as you need papaya fruit to catch pawya's for there meat but trying to get the fruit from fruit bats are a high chance could be the rng as they are essential for overloads as all the other ingredients you can get. hunting - some npc's are taking to long to catch this could effect new players giving up on the skill as catching a crimson swift took me an hour to achieve. summoning special attack doesn't regenerate over time you have to go to the obelisk to renew your points again and again to use the scrolls this would effec players using steel titans and pack yaks. slayer - some npc's in godwars dungeon don't give slayer experience on task resulting on skipping task and wasting points. am looking forward to the future with fury and the coming updates feel free to comment what you think but these are just a few i know of. kind regards risk2win
  2. donator zone

    i would say add few high level ingredients to the shop for herblore e.g grenwall spikes for ext ranging potion, morchella mushroom for prayer renewal etc but yeah i agree with the post some more content would be nice.
  3. Anti-fire pot does not work

    i'm sure they will look into this asap for the pvmers and slayers sosa
  4. Donor benefits feedback?

    this is a great idea and ild 100% keep donating if this comes to fury great job fury