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  1. Sym's Bank Update 17/10/18

    Looking good. Time to get doubles?
  2. Diamond Donor Zone

    You lads are suggesting content to make the game a lot more easier, and giving top donators a huge advantage over regular players. Im with Lena on this one. No support.
  3. Salutations

    Welcome to Fury! Enjoy your stay.
  4. Very good guide, well explained. Thanks!
  5. Sammy's unorganized bank pic

    Looks better than mine. Not bad
  6. Dirks Bank

    Thats impressive Great bank and congratz for maxing out your acc! 😁
  7. AdamR Introduction

    Welcome to the forums, Adam.
  8. Adamr's Bandos guide

    The guide ls alright, there are some points that need to be worked on to make this a perfect guide tho. Layout is confusing. Table of content. White text appears invisible for the other forum theme. (Which some people use on their phone to save data) Recording the client instead of the whole screen would've been a bit cleaner as well. Just some small tips to work on; it would always be more beneficial to use manta rays instead of sharks due to them healing more hp. Like Ragnar mentioned, you don't need 40 kc as a regular player, you need 15. When using the highest gear, you'd be better of taking some prayer renewals with you. Some spelling errors, Like 'No' instead of 'now' at the end, few others as well. Hope this gives you some feedback, thanks for the guide Adam.
  9. Bug Drop rate Dragonic Visage

    Drop rate was updated, thank you for reporting this.
  10. Help w/ jar files?

    Try to right click the application, and "open with". Choose java and see if that opens the client.
  11. Teleports are gone

    Your spellbook setup was wrong. Glad it got fixed. Issue solved.
  12. Trodals Bank and Stats

    Insane! Very nice Trodal, glad you cleaned up your bank.
  13. Bolin's Farming Guide

    Fantastic guide! Very detailed and informative, the icons you added finish it off!
  14. Greetings from Dreams =]

    Hehe, hey dreams, glad to see you on forums.