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  1. Suggestions #1

    This. BOB familiars do drop the items they are carrying. Atleast for me. You mentioned the cash flow and the economy in general, the solutions you mentioned don't make any sense to me. The economy is balanced at the moment, prices are good as they are, I can't think of a reason why you would want to throw that around Some items like coal, pure essence and some other skilling supplies are hard to get indeed. This doesn't mean you have to go into an iron man mode and get your own ores. It simply means nobody will do the efford for the price you are willing to pay. You put alot of efford in this thread but make make it a bit more brain friendly next time. Nobody likes to read that.
  2. Bobby's Money Making Guide [Beginners]

    I'm using the default theme and the white letters don't show on the white background, it's fine on the regular theme, Ignore my comment.
  3. Fantastic, well done! This probably took ages, the skilling icons with the guide underneath it, is great!
  4. Bobby's Money Making Guide [Beginners]

    The guide itself could be made with some more detail, it looks really rushed at the moment. Table of contents is missing the dragon bones method. The thieving stall items you added in is nicely done.
  5. Lena Oxton's Kalphite Queen Guide

    Now this is a guide. As usual, you added a lot of detail in this guide, lovely! Well done Lena.
  6. Bobby's 99 Fletching Guide

    This guide seems rushed, but the table of contents is nicely done. Also, bolt making is a very good, quick and cheap method to train fletching, you should include that as well.
  7. Agility Guide

    It would be nice if you added the amount of agility tickets you receive per course, as well how much each donator rank influences the tickets per finished course. The exp rates for tickets could be included per mode as well. Regardless of that, the guide is very informative, good job!
  8. Mining Guide

    your guide is good, it explains everything that there is to explain. Well done buddy.
  9. Bobbydaniel's formal introduction

    Welcome to fury!
  10. Forum Search Bar

    Support. It would be nice to have a search bar in the currently active theme. You can use the search bar bar tho, by going to the bottom of the page, clicking on "Theme" and switching to "default".
  11. Upgrade Fire Cape via Tokkul

    Back when kiln came out, it was a challenge to complete it. Kiln on an rsps wouldn't be so succesful and hard to create I believe. Maybe add the 2 jads and the boss? The idea to kill 15 jads for tok haar sounds nice as well, tokkul should be untradable then tho.
  12. Looks like an amazing update. Hyped to try it out. Thanks for the hard work.
  13. Ironman Shop

    Hey Nice, I support this. It is a great idea and shouldn't be too hard to create.
  14. Sup

    Welcome to fury, Darkside! Enjoy your stay, and if you need anything, feel free to pm a staff member or ask your question in help chat.
  15. Vote Event - August

    Thanks for this event, i'm sure some players, including me, will be timing their voting a lot better!