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  1. Iprometheus Helper/Staff Application

    +1. If someone deserves it, its you.
  2. Farming Charms

    Thanks for the guide, 'll try it out soon, I need some charms!

    So this is your own money, which I understand. But this is more like a lottery where you buy your way into a price. If a couple of people enter, you'll actually gain bank, instead of giving it away. Smart money maker! Regardless, goodluck to everyone entering.
  4. Zzstatic Helper Rank Application

    @ZzStaticc, I understand what you're trying to say but i'm just stating the rules here, i'm not saying anything about your behavior or how you act In-game. Rules are there to follow, if you stop following rules, you create chaos. you also currently have 16 forum posts, which half is from this thread. you need 25 posts to apply for a server support function. As you can see from this post, about 4 players who 'supported' you made a forum account just to post on this topic, which means you probably asked them to do so. You seem very desperate to get server support and I think that's not how it should be, you have no experience.
  5. Zzstatic Helper Rank Application

    Zzstaticc, You could just as well afk those hours since there is no afk timer implemented. Also, if you would have bothered to read the rules before applying to be a server support, you would've seen this one: You didn't follow this rule as I've heard from other people that you have been advertising it In-Game. You advertised it on discord as well. I don't think you'd be a good addition to the team.
  6. Looks good! Thanks for keeping us up to date.
  7. Insane! Congratz man, someone made bank.
  8. Draynor

  9. Examine's Introduction

    Ooh i'm late! Regardless, welcome to the server buddy! Enjoy your stay, and you know where to find us when you need something.
  10. Looks great! Nice cash stack as well.
  11. Tormented demons made easy by Kogemata

    Very detailed guide. You've spend a lot of time on this! Back when i did tormentor demons, they did switch prayers tho, might be a bug Thanks for the guide!
  12. Sym's Bank Update 17/10/18

    Looking good. Time to get doubles?
  13. Diamond Donor Zone

    You lads are suggesting content to make the game a lot more easier, and giving top donators a huge advantage over regular players. Im with Lena on this one. No support.
  14. Salutations

    Welcome to Fury! Enjoy your stay.
  15. Very good guide, well explained. Thanks!