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  1. Bandos is fine, just because its not easy, doesnt mean its broken!

    I think will be more point if u make that key as a drop! And why not make it 30-50 points ? So 4 points per day, in 10 days u can get 1 mbox

    Hello everyone. I would like to see in game something like GWD key. ( i dont know, how to name it) For example, you can get this key in looot from GWD monsters, make it rare or super rare and of course tradeable. So with this key you can enter in GWD boss room without kill count. It will be more safe for bossing. Because if u die at boss room, you can fast take your key from bank and go back to loot your items. Because you know sometimes it can lag or whatever, you can just die @ boss and sometimes it piss you off. This key can be good moneymaking way aswell, for example people who are too lazy to get that kc, can just buy key from other players! And theese regular gwd monsters are not so hard to kill, even new player can do it!! And about voteshop, i suggest to add more items in it. And i really wonder you can add mystery box in vote shop! Sorry for my language, im not english, but i hope everyone will understand my idea! Thank you!