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  1. Anciency's Staff Apply

  2. Anciency's Staff Apply

  3. Anciency's Staff Apply

    Timezone: GTM +1 (Belgium) Discord Tag: Glenn#4503 Languages: English & Dutch InGame name: Anciency & Legend Anc Your contributions to Fury: Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: Can spend much time online in the next months because im free of work. And most of the time that I am active there is no other staff member online to help other players. Loyal to the server and also (one of) the highest donator of our RSPS to stay Fury alive. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: Changed day to day.. Minimum 3-4 hours a day What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: Active, helpfull and Trustworthy
  4. Toolbelt in game?

    Would be amazing if they could ad this.. Maybe unlock it from lowest donator tier? Would be an amazing feature!
  5. Symbiotic's Helper Application

    Support, guy is pretty helpfull.
  6. Start of Summer Updates!

    A great list of updates, thanks dio!!
  7. Major update - Mid June Vibes

    Awesome list! Keep going!