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  1. Gz to magic for first place!!!!! o wait.
  2. Resource/Drop Guide

    Nice guide btw
  3. Fury RSPS Bank pics

    Brb getting my creditcard
  4. How about this?

    big fat +1 from me, would be a great addition to have fun with friends and pull up some crazy ass combos
  5. First PvP update!

    Good shit, Get ready to get ragged at altar
  6. Introduction Broekie

    Lekker broekie pik
  7. Go link my thread in there I love the way you format everything, very nice and detailed, 1 little thing This can also be used wth a lunar staff from the vote shop, seems easier for people to get Other then that, amazing bro <3 proud of you
  8. My Signature

    Oohh that looks smooooth. Nice work magic
  9. Symbiotic's Helper Application

    yes yes yes, a big fat +1 from me, we NEEEEEED him <3
  10. Arrival Of Durial 321

    Once a criminal always a criminal. Jokes aside, welcome to fury! Enjoy ur stay!! If you need any help ingame feel free to pm me on “X” or ask in the help chat by using / in front of ur message!!
  11. Satam - Runique player

    Welcome my friend! Hope to chat with you ingame
  12. Toolbelt in game?

    +1 From me aswell, it would be a great addition just like pre-eoc.
  13. Start of Summer Updates!

    No problemo Everything to make the community happy you know it!!
  14. Sharky's Money Making Guide For Beginners

    Very nice guide, Great addition to add in gifs aswell!