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  1. SCAZboii Staff App

    +1, never seen you online but worth a shot
  2. Sym's Resignation

    Oh dayummmmmm not symb
  3. My Resignation

    Oh right in da feels
  4. Account Ban

  5. One Year Anniversary

    Dayum alex, that made me tear <3 Good to see fury still growing! Glad to be a part of it somehow and somewhat Hit me up when corp is back to being normal
  6. Construction bug

    Why r u no clippin'
  7. Updates

    Not all of us, just you.
  8. Sad sudden farewell

    We made a tribute for you bobby at @media make sure you check it out , miss you!
  9. The RETURN of X

    Welcome to fury, enjoy ur stay!
  10. The RETURN of X

    I am your daylight through the windows!
  11. The RETURN of X

    Props to Ryann for making me shit my diaper @bobbydaniel
  12. Gz to magic for first place!!!!! o wait.
  13. Resource/Drop Guide

    Nice guide btw
  14. How about this?

    big fat +1 from me, would be a great addition to have fun with friends and pull up some crazy ass combos