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  2. My Resignation

    Hello everyone, I'm sorry that I have been MIA for the past month. Originally, I had a lot of school work to do and there was no time for me to play, but now I just don't feel like coming back as a staff member. I've spent my Christmas break enjoying little to no responsibilities and I want to continue on like this. I will probably come back to simply play the game as it's meant to be played, but I am resigning from my position as administrator. I wish everyone the best of luck, Chillpwned/Cameron
  3. Finished with finals in 3 days. I can taste the end of the semester. 

  4. Firemaking Guide

    973... What a RIP. The difficulty I always had when cutting trees was deciding whether I wanted to train firemaking or fletching with my resources. Good guide though!
  5. I think I love you. Keep posting this wonderful material. Even if I can't fix it myself, I can at least enjoy reading these passionate suggestions and send them on to the developers.
  6. Hello old friends

    It's a completely different server, my dude. You're a bit behind Welcome to Fury, where all of your hopes and dreams come true. Well, maybe not, but you will at least be entertained!
  7. Woodcutting Guide!

    I will get these added soon.
  8. I could see how using the agility shop would make sense, since they're earning the tickets anyway. I do not think that the voting store should be opened to Ironman accounts though. Unless a separate voting shop for Ironman accounts was released that had lower-tier items - or maybe just cosmetic items - than the current vote shop.
  9. Sup

    Welcome to Fury! I kind of like the term, "Furians." I'm going to use that in the future. Thanks!
  10. Maxing event screenies (second to max)

    Didn't get 99 construction, not really maxed Jk, buddy. Congratulations!
  11. New slayer rewards items

    As much as I agree with re-creating the Pre-EoC theme, we are still a private server. Creating things that are unique to us seems like a good idea to me, instead of just copying RS. I am not saying that this idea in particular is make or break, but it might be beneficial moving forward with the server to keep an open-mind to adjusting small and fun details like this suggestion here. It would give Fury a more unique feel and those small things are things that people will appreciate.
  12. Sup

    Welcome to the server! Good to know that there is another ginger here so that I'm not the only one. Best of luck
  13. This is fantastic! This is worthy of being added to voting site descriptions. Awesome job.
  14. Skiller Max Cape

    This could be a cool idea. Either make it 200m in all skills except combat or just maxed with no combat. I don't think anything in between would make any sense. I would like to see something like this be added, but I don't think that it should look anywhere near as cool as the max/completionist cape because we are not really encouraging skillers.