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  1. Sharky's Money Making Guide For Beginners

    Thanks for the feedback guys I actually didn't know you didn't need a mould thanks for letting me know
  2. Hello fellow companions I am Sharky, a diamond donor on Fury coming to help you guys out in the start of your adventure following this guide will not make you rich but it will help you to get some quick cash. Without further ado, lets get started! Tip for legend players If you are a legend player your skilling exp is the same as osrs meaning it's very hard to level up a lot of people me included have alts set on either regular or extreme (in my case I have an extreme) to help get you some money from skilling. Method Number 1 This is the method for most Rsps's and that is thieving, on this server there are no random events (yay!) instead we have items that you steal from as shown in the gif below Once you get a full inventory right click the npc Merchant and click sell all Obviously the higher your thieving level the more you will get, well here that isn't the case the most exp will come from the rune stall but it's also the least money so if you wanting faster levels go for rune if not go to last stall some people will stay at 3rd stall until the 4th due to the money that you aren't gaining from those levels. From this stall you can get anywhere from 200-400k gp/invo depending on how many rusty scimitars you get which you can see they are 21k each while iron are only 306. Method Number 2 Smithing is the next method I have for you guys once you get level 35 smithing you can now make cannonballs (A very good money maker but slow sells). You can get steel bars from bosses such at dagganoth rex they also drop coal and iron ore. Alternatively, which is a faster method you can mine them (still slow but rex has low drop rates for ore and bars). The best place to make the steel bars for non donors is tutorial island you can get there by going to the mage book go to skilling teleports click next twice go to mining the very top option then tutorial island. Bank is 3 steps away from the anvil Note: You do not need the cannonball mould in inventory to make cannonballs You get 40 cannonballs per steel bar and depending on how fast you wanna sell them you can get 1-4k from them but this will just keep going down due to the demand is very low for them because so many gets made with the amount of active players Method Number 3 This method will include agility which is a decent way to start out most of the exp you will get from agility comes from agility tickets which you can sell for 50-75k each depending on the buyer. Each course gives more and more tickets with the wild giving 6 tickets to non donors with emerald donors get +1 more ticket per course (any course) and diamond+ getting +2 more tickets per course (does not stack with the emerald +1) Method Number 4 For this method we will be discussing slayer. Slayer so far that I know of is only good when you get to the bosses, god wars bosses, nex, kalphite, dagannoths are all good ways to bring in some decent money. Note that you need level 120 combat and 85+ slayer to get these boss tasks. Method Number 5 (Ruby Donor+ Only) Ruby donors have another zone to go to ::rzone and if the run to the north west corner of the zone they will see some mummy warriors which can drop some good loot check it out [/img] Now regular donors can also fight these but they aren't aggressive like the ones at ruby donor is and you have to either use range or mage against them then telegrab the loot ruby donor zone is much more efficient and is a good way to train up a low level account especially legend because of how afk it is. Turn on protect from melee and sit afk and watch your stats train themself just don't forget to keep prayer up. Here's a short clip of me opening up a pvp box which if you get lucky you can get 2 of them as shown above 1/237 chance. Although that doesn't put in account the drop rate bonus you have You can see the full list of possible loot from the pvp box by typing in game ::drops pvp box