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  1. Evicite's Fishing Guide

    Great guide man, it looks like one of your pictures had an issue though but you can fix that later. Good information and the "fish needed" table is helpful.

    Can I has your cat sir? sadly I do not have any animals currently in my apartment
  3. Snowys Bank 11b total xp

    That is poor person talk, if you dont have phat sets to flaunt to people then what good is your bank?
  4. Sammy's unorganized bank pic

    That happens on regular lol, you can get 100k in a single dung when you get to lvl 120. Nice bank Sammy even if it isn't organized
  5. Same Ragnar I want a dom weapon too
  6. iProm's Glacor Guide

    Nice guide man, I am so bad at PvM so i know it will help
  7. So this is just a re-application nothing has changed from last time. Now that I am admitted back to college and I do not have my old job holding me back I will be far more active again, as I have been the past few weeks. I am posting this for either Helper in game or some sort of Forum Moderator job, I would be happy to take on either. Thanks for the time in reading my APP. Timezone: Eastern Time Zone (Michigan) Discord Tag: Troy#4246 Languages: English In-Game name: Trodal/Legend Your contributions to Fury: I have been on this server (with the exception of a small break) since the day it was released from beta. I have been a very active player and I have donated quite a bit to this server in the hopes that it would grow into what it is today and hopefully grow even more in the near future. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I think I would make a good addition to the staff team because I have been very dedicated to this server and will continue to be. Since I am maxed I can spend a lot of my time working on the staff side of things; helping with players, helping to find bugs and stuff like that. I don't even know if you are currently looking for other staff members but i wanted to make sure my hat was in the ring in case you ever do need more people to step up. I know a lot about the server and have put in a lot of time into it. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: generally a few hours every day, some days are less based on school schedule but more on the weekend What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: 1. Maturity 2. Honesty 3. Dedication/Server Knowledge (couldn't decide between these 2 lol)
  8. Trodals Bank and Stats

    Thanks Friends <3
  9. Dreams bank and stats (Legend)

    That is because I took all of it in FP
  10. Yeah you ain't about that life anymore? now that you are so close to onyx lol
  11. Damn Lena, you a lot closer to onyx than I am.
  12. Quick bank post because I guess all the cool kids are doing it now. Main Bank: Skilling Supplies Tab Skillcape Tab Potions/Food Tab Runes Tab Charms/Summoning Tab Miscellaneous Tab Barrows Tab Gear/Rare Tab Other things: Cash Stack Stats (not impressive I know) Game time plus donation total And since my stats for my regular probably aren't amazing, figure I would throw my legend account stats on here as well just for fun. Thanks for the time guys, I will try to update this legend one as I progress on it.
  13. Sym's Bank & Stat Update 9/11/18

    I mean its all right if you like noob things I guess. JUST KIDDING SYM PLEASE DONT MURDER ME. But in all serious nice bank man
  14. Dreams bank and stats (Legend)

    Hey nice bank man, you are cool because you gamble with me <3. Hope to see some updates on this when you have more time invested on the server!
  15. I should uninstall soon. Bank

    psh "inactive" feels bad man Nice bank though, keep working on it