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  1. is the server still running cose i cant log in?!?!?!


    1. Lena


      The server is currently offline. Its getting prepared for a relaunch due to a low player base the past months. Join the Discord channel for news and updates towards the relaunch. 


    2. Lena


      And sorry for the late reply.

  2. I don’t mind a full reset if I get my donor rank back. A relaunch are meant for a fresh start to the server, which also mean a fresh start for the players as well. In my opinion it won’t attract players if there already is players with banks worth bills already on Day 1. - Remove PK Bots. - Create an excluded area where it is possibilities for pking practice. - Add more PvM content/fix the bugs. - If new bosses are possible in terms of coding, I would love to see it. - More skilling content?/Fix the bugs. - Living Rock Cavern has been bugged for ages. - New methods for skilling. - A new way to obtain skilling points. - Optimize storage space to reduce server lag. - Revamp drop tables for current PvM bosses. - Increase/decrease the drop rates for some items. - Keep pets, they’re cool.
  3. gem mine

    I doubt the Neitiznot mine are coded properly.
  4. Astro's Resignation

  5. Iprometheus Helper/Staff Application

    At this time, I doubt forum posts ++ are important. But nonetheless, imo you're the most friendly and positive guy in the community. I've noticed you've wished everyone a great day and asked how everyone are doing every single day which shows that you care about the community. You're pretty active on the discord as well as in-game before you had your surgery. You're a good guy, Limpyboy. Continue making Fury a great place for everyone! I will +10 this app since you're more than qualified to become a server support. Good luck on your application!
  6. Sym's Resignation

  7. Zzstatic Helper Rank Application

    You're a friendly and a helpful guy and you've also been active in the cc whenever I've been on. I'll give you a +1 as well, good luck on your application!
  8. My Resignation

    See you on the other side, b
  9. Account Ban

    Why do you gamble when you can't pay up? Smh. And no, you're not getting your money back. Should've thought of that before you made the decision of being stupid.
  10. The collection log looks clean af, good job Fury
  11. Youtube Videos

    I would like to see loot from 10k cows in lumby
  12. Sym's Bank Update 11/16/2018

    Is your room just as organized as your bank?
  13. A farewell for now.

    Thank you everyone!
  14. A farewell for now.

    Thank you, guys! I'll be back sooner or later. I'll miss you all, take care! Grind some experience for me as well!