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  1. One Year Anniversary

    Good stuff love seeing still up when i check from time to time.. Great job
  2. Exivel's Introduction.

  3. Donor Benefits

    Very nice title, and very sneaky making it such an appealing achievement. Cant resist going for onyx
  4. Very nice Greg, im still amazed abt the fact that you're updating the server as if it was toilet visits. Fast & consistent^^
  5. Hello old friends

    Welcome dude, and i have no doubt that you will enjoy it no matter what faces you stumble upon. - Valium
  6. Animations fixes - 05/12/2017

    Dope, i have to say Greg. You are one productive b*st*rd
  7. Getting Started

    Potato potato whats the diff Lovely guide dude. +1
  8. Hello.

    This guy has mad sex appeal, you will fit in great with the communtiy <3 - Val
  9. This update was incredible, the slayer dungeon is amazing
  10. Desert Strykewyrms

    Just to leave you with some awareness of the situation. A lot of pvm aspect's have big/minor glitches & the slayer as a whole is the main priority for the developer team atm. So with almost 100% certainty it will get fixed along with the rest of the slayer/pvm issues & absence
  11. Bug Fixes - 22/11/2017

    Thanks for the frequent attendance & updates <3 -Valium
  12. Hello !

    Haha thanks , the same goes to you for the response. FYI you're probably correct about everything except (it didn't take long, just very hyper) See you around man. - Val
  13. Hello !

    Likewise, il be on later today. Sketchy timezones over here, 4 Pm atm (GMT) . Hopefully you still have some energy left for the game, if you really read all of it.. (If you did, i am sorry) - Valium
  14. Hello !

    Hi, my name is Alex & my rsps nickname is "Valium/Gm Valium" people call me Val for some reason(easier to type i guess) I was born the 24th of June 1991 in Finland & moved to Sweden at the age of 5 , been playing games for as long as i can remember. If i dig really deep, i can remember my first game ever played being Warcraft: Orch's & humans. Started playing it in 1995 & it was released around 94-95 somewhere. The second game that were to become my first memorable game experience was Metal Gear Solid 1 i remember thinking the graphics were so amazing, sort of put's perspective on shit today. After that i got my eye on programming & web-design.. got sucked into that for a good while, and soon i stumbled upon rs. And then most of my childhood vanished into the virtual abyss or w.e we should call it. I've played rs since September 2000, joined my first private server back in the old days when Katnieks/Damo released one of the first public hosted server's. All you could do was basically spawn items & hit dummy's at Varrock for combat levels. Other then that, there was nothing more you could do at the time. However, since that long forgotten time i have tried to more or less always play one server casually/no life since. I Quit Runescape in 2011 (Fully) However i had already started dismantling my activities by 2009. Since then any time spent has been on pservers, some of the biggest and some of the smallest. I always have 2 main goals (Pk with or against the best, top 10 on every server hi-score that i am included in), that i sort of carry with me no matter.. Not sure, but i assume that specific aspect is the very reason i got into gaming in the first place is quiet simple: I have been very competitive for as-long as i can remember, and i always wanna be the best at whatever i do.. And the downside being that no matter how good i get, i can never really savor it for more then a moment. Cause once you've reached the level of skill/quality you set out to reach, it becomes the new standard (the new normal). The process just repeats itself, increasing the expectations and desire to progress. Eventually i throw in the towel & allocate that energy into something else i am ambitious about, or just something that most of the time is a complete waste of time (hamster-wheel) So heres what i am up to & not up to anymore. PK videos quickly became my main attraction & Hobby, was the wilderness scene started growing. So with the experience i have absorbed these 2 decades, my main goal & pursuit nowadays is to simply entertain and manifest/produce good Material/PvP edits I just recently decided to quit one of the biggest pre-eoc pk/economy/skilling servers(no names needed) My goal is to at-least finish all the way to chapter 10 in my rsps pk vid series, the latest being video #6 @15:30mins long (one of the longest so far) And let me clarify, when i say "Pk videos" i am talking about traditional pk video edits. No commentary with raw endless random footage, and instead my priority is to produce 8-15Minutes of compiled clips into a nice little trip down memory lane. For those who still enjoys the "Old PKVID layout" However i am very impulsive by nature, and you can never really tell what i might upload. However you can be sure that it's worth watching & never asks for anything in return. My Long/Short term goals: I'm here to try and claim a top-spot on the extreme mode hi-scores and hopefully participate in some high end Pking if Fury ends up becoming active enough. My Long/Short term "prediction" for Fury: From my point of view, if fury follows this trajectory it most likely will become one of the top 10 servers. Due to the smooth & professional nature of the source & client , and last but not least a ton of unique & Challenging as well as User-friendly in-game alternatives & activity's , and then i am merely judging from my silly 60minutes of active playtime. - Thanks for taking you're time to read this long ass intro, i have a tendency to squeeze out long text's spontaneously in a very hyperactive manner. One thing leads to another aye Hit me up on YouTube/Twitter/Discord , i welcome social training & interaction. However i warn you, i am sort ofsocially handicapped & really don't have much control of what i say and don't say. Not gonna go into any further specifics , il just throw in : Ad-hd/Asperger/pt-sd/social anxiety = Bad burrito Cheers for reading my rather unorthodox introduction, see you in game. YouTube: ValiumGaming Discord: Valium#1271 Twitter:@Lee__Said Yolo //Valium