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  1. If anyone cares to see what utter failure looks like, here you go. My bank and skills at 89 hrs. Enjoy. Or dont. I dont really care.
  2. Ironman Shop

    In the ironman zone we really need a shop that we can sell our junk items to that we can't alch. Ex of this would be items from thieving guildmaster like the jewel and chalice, maybe spare Barrows item dupes, but make it so we can not buy any items in there. Im not exactly sure how to code that but I do know it is possible since another rsps had that feature where ironmen could sell items to stores but not buy anything from them.
  3. Hello and welcome to my ironman guide to leveling all skills. Please note this guide will most likely be incomplete and I will be adding more content as time goes on, ex finding newer faster methods to train/obtain resources/etc. COMBAT Leveling combat stats from 1 - 99 is without a doubt the easiest skills for ironmen to train. You can buy various combat items from Jukat NPC in ironman home. A couple helpful things you can do to train combat stats are 1. DO SLAYER TASKS 2. DO DUNGEONEERING. FREE GEAR, RUNES, AND ARROWS. 3. Kill yaks for 50 hairs to trade for a helm of Neit. THEY NEED TO BE NOTED (THANKS FM TRPFY) 4. Higher level stats (80+, 43+ prayer recommended) Do barrows runs for some good late game armor and a ton of combat runes. PRAYER Prayer is a tricky one for ironmen since you need to gather all the bones yourself, so take all the bones from training combat stats and use them on the alter at home for more exp. NERFED------------>>>>>>Method 2 - (all credit to ironman Haydar for this method) - REQUIRES 81 HUNTER - if you train hunter to 81 prayer becomes easy mode. Dragon imps have a chance to LARGE amounts of babydragon and a rare chance to even give large amounts of dragon bones at a time. you will need around 1400 babydragon bones for 1-99 using vote books along with weekend bonus xp. (but still works they just dont give as much bones) RUNECRAFTING Unfortunately runecrafting straight blows for ironman. You can either use the abyss and just do the highest rune off the skill guide, or run the zmi altar. Good places to get pure ess is high level slayer monsters drop a lot of noted ess such as abby demons and nechs, or thieving the magic stall. CONSTRUCTION You're gonna wanna get 99 wc before you even think of doing con. This is by far the worst fucking skill for an ironman because you need to do soooooo much in order to even do this bloody boring ass repeat click skill. So first check out my woodcutting section to get the mahogany logs. 1- 33 crude woden chairs which take 2 planks and 3 steel nails. Cut reg logs and turn them into planks at sawmill guy and you can buy the nails from him too. (dont forget hammer and saw as well) 33-52 you are gonna be making oak larders(?) in your kitchen which take 8 oak planks I believe. (same thing just cut oak logs and make into planks) 52-99 Here is where the fucking grind comes in and your money goes BYE BYE. Youre gonna make mahogany dining room tables which take 6 mahogany planks with all the mahogany logs you cut, youre gonna need roughly 2.5k planks which is going to cost you in the area of 350-400m. The only way I know how to make money in this server is doing the thieving guild event whenever its on, you'll make roughly 7-10m every 5 mins, and maybe get a chalice or gem but ironman can not sell those yet which sucks. SO GOOD LUCK WITH THIS BOGUS ASS SKILL. DUNGEONEERING What i did was I rushed floors 1-30 on complexity 1 (keep in mind floors 12,13, and 14 are bugged so skip those) then i reset my dung prestige so my highest was 30, then i just did random floors ON C6. REMEMBER TO DO YOUR HIGHEST FLOORS ON C6. AGILITY 1-30 gnome course 30-55 barb course 55-80 wild course 80-85 advance gnome course 85-99 adv barb course use your ticks on a full agile set then use the rest for 3k exp each ticket since you cant trade them away lol HERBLORE Coming soon. PICK UP EVERY HERB YOU SEE FROM A MONSTER KILL DONT BE FUCKING LAZY. ALSO DO FARMING FOR HERBS. THIEVING 1-25 CRAFTING STALL 25-50 FOOD STALL 45-65 GENERAL STALL 65- 85 MAGIC STALL - NOTE - DO NOT SELL YOUR RUNES THEY ARE WORTH NO MONEY AND YOU NEED RUNES 85- 99 SCIMITAR STALL *REMINDER* AT LEVEL 70 PICKPOCKET THE MONKEY KNIFE FIGHTER IN IRONMAN HOME UNTIL YOU GET A D SCIM CRAFTING 1-20 Pick flax and turn into bowstrings 20-99 Buy all 100 sapphires from the master crafter at home and at ironman home cause youre gonna need about 6 billion of them to get to 99. Crafting is very hard for ironman but if you want to grind it out get to about 60 from sapphires and other gems from slayer and stuff and kill dragons for their hides, tan their hides, and craft the best gear that your level can make. FLETCHING Ok fletching fucking blows for my methods since I used all my woodcutting on construction. 1-5 arrow shafts (logs) 5-10 shortbows (logs) 10-20 longbows (logs) 20-25 oak shortbows (oak logs) 25-35 oak longbows (oak logs) 34-40 willow shortbows (willow logs) 40-50 willow longbows (willow logs) 50-55 maple shortbows ( maple logs) 55-99 maple longs (maple logs) or continue to make the best bow till 99 that you have the logs for, you get the idea. ALTERNATE If you did hunter first and caught a lot of dragon imps, you might have a shit ton of d bolt tips and dragon arrowheads, at level 90 make d arrows its gonna save you a ton of time for these levels it was and hopefully still is a shit ton of xp. SLAYER Use the best master you can and go fucking kill shit bros Dont ever use grim reaper tho HUNTER Ok i honestly do not remember at all what to catch for hunter all i remember is you start by catching baby imps at puro puro. Just try catching random shit at your level from the guide in the game itself until you are level 28 28-53 catch gourmet implings, they are bugged and they instant respawn right when you catch them in the same spot that they spawn so just keep catching them until you can do chins. 53-63 reg chins you know the drill 63-99 red chins ALTERNATE 63-66 red chins 66-99 pawyas at isdafar give a shittttt ton of xp as well so your choice I dont think chins work for range yet so thats a bummer NOTE Make sure you catch your dragon/ninja/magpie imlings every 15 mins or so when they respawn when you get the level req, because they give a ton of great items that help with a lot of other skills. MINING Ok yall should know the drill for mining, just mine what you can at your level till 77 then do LRC to 99 ALTERNATES 1-45 do your highest level ores/what you think you might need for smithing 45-77 or 99 do granite cause shit is fast too NOTES DO STARS, A GOOD LEVEL TO START DOING THEM AT IS 70 THAT MEANS YOU CAN DO MOST OF THEM. THEY GIVE GOOD AFK XP AND YOU GET MINING GEAR WHICH GIVES YOU MORE XP. SMITHING Just smith whatever you have mined so far and use up all that xp to get whatever level you can RECOMMENDED WAY Unfortunately this way got nerfed I think but in dungeoneering just do c6 dungs and pick up literally everything but the food and sell to the smuggler and then buy the highest ore you can for your level (they are in increments of 10 just look at the smithing guide in game under dungeoneering) and smelt the ores into bars, you cant smith any items yet cause thats not implemented, but yah just smelt the ores into bars and sell them back to the smuggler and repeat, most bars above 50 are about 1-2k xp each so this is actually a reallllllyyyy good totally free method for ironman accounts. ALMOST THERE NEED ANOTHER BREAK TO TRAIN THIS LAST SKILLS FOR METHODS CYAAAA FEEL FREE TO COMMENT/CRITIQUE/ADD A METHOD IN THE COMMENTS ALL FEEDBACK EITHER GOOD OR BAD IS NEEDED. Will also be happy to give all credit if you want to contribute to this. This guide is not for fame and personal gain its to help others that are struggling.