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  1. A farewell for now.

    :'( we will miss you. Please focus on yourself and come back when you are ready.
  2. Bolin's Helper Application

    ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Application Format Timezone: EST (GMT -4) Discord Tag: Bolin#3086 Languages: English InGame name: Bolinbear Your contributions to Fury: I've made a couple of skilling guides, check the guide section if you haven't seen them, I've been active on the server for a bit now, always try to help and talk in chat if people need help. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: In addition to trying to help players, I'm loyal and dedicated to the server's growth and making good content to help players. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: Probably 3-5 hours, more so on Sunday and Monday, as well as most evenings in the U.S. What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: I think to be an effective leader, and staff member, you need to be dedicated to the server, patient with other players, and charismatic and helpful in the chat. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Sammy's unorganized bank pic

    Mine is literally just as bad
  4. Dirks Bank

    Great work!! Always impresses me how iron man banks look like
  5. Bolin's Construction Guide

    Bolinbear's Construction Guide Hello, and welcome to my Construction guide! Here in this guide, is all you need to know about Construction, the benefits and perks, and how to train to have the best Player-Owned House in all of Fury! Benefits of Being a Master Constructor So first of all, you'll have a sexy cape: Secondly, there are many useful stations in a player-owned house that are useful for other skills: Gilded Altar: Learned at 75 Construction, this increases exp gained from training prayer, which can be put in the chapel. Crafting Table: Learned at 16 construction (upgrades at 25, 34, 42 cons) this station allows you to make various items. Range/Oven: Learned at 42 construction, you can cook food on this in your kitchen! And much, much more! How do I start Construction? Be warned, this skill will take a lot of monetary investment. You'll easily drop 100m+ trying to train this as there are various methods and items that you can create. Let's start with all of the rooms you can have in your house. To get to your Player-Owned House, teleport home and go over to the purple portal right outside the bank: Once you click on the portal you will see 3 options: In order to build and add rooms, please choose "Go to your house (building mode)". In this building mode, you will see a lot of greyed out areas and mostly transparent objects. These are stations you can build on and create items. You can also remove items once they are built. Here are the list of rooms you can have alongside their prices: A lot of rooms right? Luckily, at level 99 construction, you can have up to 32 rooms in your house, with capabilities of upstairs and downstairs levels as well! Here are the important rooms to build for training/utility purposes: Parlour (Level 1) Kitchen (Level 5) Dining Room (Level 10) Workshop (Level 15) Study (Level 40) Chapel (Level 45) All of the other rooms are simply for decoration and fashion-scape purposes. Outside of the portal, you will see a Sawmill Operator. Trade him to get this shop: Buy a hammer, saw, and about 500 nails or so. You will use more or less, depending on the game mode. Here comes the expensive part. Planks. Planks are CRUCIAL to train construction. You need them to build most pieces of furniture. If you click on Buy-Plank on the Sawmill Operator, you will get this screen: You will need the specific type of log + that much money to make a plank. Each type of plank has a certain xp rate, going from normal planks to mahogany. I always recommend training woodcutting before training construction, so you can have planks to use to train construction. Experience per plank used: Planks Regular Ironman Extreme Legend Wooden Plank 1,200 exp ea. 600 exp ea. 300 exp ea. 30 exp ea. Oak Plank 2,400 exp ea. 1,200 exp ea. 600 exp ea. 60 exp ea. Teak Plank 3,600 exp ea. 1,800 exp ea. 900 exp ea. 90 exp ea. Mahogany Plank 4,800 exp ea. 2,400 exp ea. 1,200 exp ea. 120 exp ea. Here is my loadout and guide for construction training: At level 1, build the Parlour, and start creating Crude wooden chairs (2 planks, 2 nails each). There are 3 spots to build them in the Parlour, simply build and remove them for exp. At Level 5, build the Kitchen. This will be useful later. Continue making crude chairs until level 8. Then you can start making regular Wooden Chairs (3 planks, 3 nails) for a bit faster experience. Build the Dining Room at level 10. Build the Workshop at level 15 (optional, more for utility than training purposes). At level 33, you will need to start making Oak Planks, and build Oak Larders in the Kitchen. Each Larder takes 8 oak planks, but also results in a huge exp boost. Continue making Oak Larders until level 52 construction. At level 40, build the Study (optional, more for utility than training purposes). At Level 45, build the Chapel. This will be necessary for the Gilded Altar which is a must have at 75 construction. At level 52, switch to Mahogany Tables in the Dining Room. This will be EXPENSIVE and requires 6 mahogany planks each. I recommend cutting the logs yourself, or buying from other players. You can make these until 99, or use alternative methods I will list below. At Level 75, you can build your gilded altar. This will require 2 marble blocks, 4 gold leaves and 2 bolts of cloth, all of which can be bought at the Sawmill Operator outside the house portal. You will also need to build 2 incense burners to get maximum prayer exp. All types of burners give same exp and stay lit for the same amount of time. To match the altar aesthetically, will take 2 marble blocks and 2 steel bars each, for a total of 4 marble blocks, and 4 steel bars. Alternative Methods to training Construction: For those of us who can't drop 100's of mil on a skill, there are some alternative methods I've found will be useful. At level 69 construction, you can build Carved Teak Magic Wardrobes which can be put in the costume room in a POH. This takes 6 teak planks. At Level 74, you can build Oak Dungeon Doors, which can be built in the Dungeon of a POH. These doors take 10 oak planks to build. What if I don't like how my house looks? Talk to this Estate Agent, and you can have your house redecorated! Well I think that should do it! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback for this guide, and I'd be happy to include them! -Bolin
  6. Bolin's Construction Guide

    Currently looking for exp rates for Oak, Teak, and Mahogany planks, if you can simply make an item and tell me what mode you are, it would greatly help! Thanks!
  7. Bolin's Construction Guide

    I'll get right on it!
  8. ill Start streaming guides

    Go for it! We always need video makers!
  9. Ryan's ULTIMATE FAQ and Starter Guide!

    Holy crap! This is great! I would only suggest adding pictures for NPC's and their shops what they sell etc.
  10. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Great guide! I was about to ask for a guide like this! You have my approval!
  11. Bolin's Farming Guide

    Bolin's Farming Guide Hello Fury players, and welcome to my comprehensive farming guide! I hope through this guide, I can show you how to train your farming skills, as well as show the benefits of being a skilled farmer! Why train farming? Not only is it a requirement for the max cape (one of the best capes in the game), the fruit and items gained from farming are useful for a variety of skills, such as Summoning, Herblore, Woodcutting, Fletching and more! This is a fantastic method for ironmen to get items they need for Herblore and Summoning. Plus the farming cape looks nice: How do I start farming? Like the majority of skills in Fury, we have a Skills Teleport located here: Click on it and hit next until you get to this screen: Then the game will give you many different options to teleport to. These are where are the farming locations are to train at. Teleport to Catherby, as this is the closest farming shop to a teleport. Go to the shop located just a short walk from the teleport location. Talk to Martin the Master Gardener and he will open the farming shop! You will need the following: Rake, Seed Dibber, Watering Can, Spade, and Woodcutting Axe to start. (Rake) - Used to pull weeds from various patches, you only need this in inventory in order to clear a patch of weeds. (Seed Dibber) - Used to plant seeds in empty patches and also tree seeds in plant pots. (Watering Can) - Used to water allotment and tree patches, is essential for survival of plants. (Spade) - You can find this in the Bob's general shop at home, as well as all the farming tools: If you use a spade on a grown tree after you check it, you can clear it out without having to cut it down, or you can cut it to get logs from the trees you plant. In addition, there are a couple other useful things in this shop: (Plant Cure) - Used to cure diseased herb patches and trees. Will prevent from dying if they are diseased. (Filled plant pot) - Used to plant tree seeds and used in tree patches. I've got the tools, now how do I earn EXP? I'm glad you asked! So now we have all the tools necessary for farming, but where do we start? In Catherby, we have a variety of seeds for sale, but in limited quantities. This will help us get started. There are 4 types of patches and allotments for farming, each with their own types of seeds, I always recommend planting the highest you can. Here are the 5 types of patches you will see in Fury: Allotment - Used for vegetable and fruit farming, usually the least amount of exp, but they grow really quick. Flower - Used mainly for crop protection, very minimal exp. Herb - The most useful of the patches, used to grow every herb needed for Herblore. Medium amount of exp. Fruit Tree - Grows all types of fruits, Large amount of exp. Use seed on a filled plant pot and wait until it sprouts. Wood Tree - Grows the 5 main types of trees used in woodcutting, the most amount of exp per patch. Use seed on a filled plant pot and wait until it sprouts. Where can I find all the patches? For Herb, Wood Trees, and Fruit Trees, I recommend a specific rotation to ensure maximum exp. All of these teleports will be found in the Farming Teleports in the Skilling section. Each Herb patch comes with allotments and flowers, whereas fruit tree and wood tree patches are by themselves. HERB ROTATION - Falador (Patches), Canafis, Catherby, Ardougne. Wood Tree Rotation - Lumbridge (City Teleport), Varrock (City Teleport), Falador (Farming Teleport), Taverley (Farming Teleport), Grand Tree (Farming Teleport, Trees) Fruit Tree Rotation - Grand Tree (Farming Teleport, Fruit), Catherby (run east until you hit the mountain/beach), Tree Gnome Village (Farming Teleport), Brimhaven (Farming Teleport), Lleyta (Mining teleport, Isafdar, north and east) I understand this but the EXPERIENCE! What do I need to plant? Patience. Farming is all about patience. Learn it well. So for level 1 Potatoes are good as they are the only item you can plant at level 1. (Allotment) Level 2 - Marigolds are the next you can plant until level 5 (Flower) Switch potatoes out for onions until level 7. (Allotment) Switch onions out for cabbages until level 12 (Allotment) Add Guam to your farming rotation at level 9. (Herb) Switch Marigolds out for Rosemary at level 11. (Flower) Switch Cabbages out for Tomatoes at level 12. (Allotment) Switch Guam out for Marrentill at level 14. (Herb) At Level 15, you can start planting Oak trees from Acorns. This will increase experience drastically. At this point, I only recommend doing trees and herbs. Allotments are still ok exp, but not worth the time invested usually. Switch Marrentill out for Tarromin at level 19 (Herb) Switch Tarromin out for Harralander at level 26 (Herb) Add Apple Tree Seeds to your rotation at level 27. (Fruit Tree Seeds) At level 30, switch Oak trees (Acorns) out for Willow Trees. At Level 32, switch Harralander for Ranarr (Herb) At Level 33, switch Apples for Bananas (Fruit Tree) At Level 38, switch Ranarr out with Toadflax (Herb) At Level 39, switch Bananas with Oranges (Fruit Tree) At 42, switch Oranges with Curry (Fruit Tree) At 44, switch Toadflax with Irit (Herb) At 45, switch Willow Trees with Maple Trees (Wood Tree) At 50, switch Irit with Avantoe (Herb) At 51, switch Curry with Pineapple (Fruit Tree) At 56, switch Avantoe with Kwuarm (Herb) At 57, switch Pineapple with Papaya (Fruit Tree) At 60, Switch Maple Trees with Yew Trees (Wood Tree) At 62, switch Kwuarm with Snapdragon (Herb) At 67, Switch Snapdragon with Cadantine (Herb) At 68, Switch Papaya with Palm (Fruit Tree) - Cap on EXP on Fruit Trees At 73, Switch Cadantine with Lantadyme (Herb) At 75, Switch Yew with Magic Seeds (Wood Tree) - Cap on EXP on Wood Trees At 79 , Switch Lantadyme with Dwarf Weed (Herb) At 85, Switch Dwarf Weed with Torstol (Herb) At 91, switch Torstol with Fellstalk (Herb) - Cap on EXP on Herb patches How do I get seeds? Help! Alright here comes the tricky bit. Not all seeds are found in the farming shop. Some are dropped by NPC's (monsters) and others are awarded from nests dropped while woodcutting. Here are my best recommendations for Seeds for Farming: Giant Mole - Drops claws and skins which can be traded for nests. Dagannoths - Drop Herb seeds frequently, and are really easy to kill. Woodcutting - Drops nests which contain seeds and rings. Mutated Jadinkos - Drops pretty much one of every seed. Nex - Drops Magic Seeds, Torstol Seeds Glacor - Drops maple seeds. Desert Strykewyrm - Yew, Torstol, Maple seeds Ice strykewyrm - Torstol, Maple, Snapdragon seeds Abberant Spectres - Drop each type of herb seed pretty frequently. Elite Clue Scrolls - Elite clues sometimes give tree seeds. Well, that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed my farming guide! Please let me know if you have anymore NPC's that drop tree seeds, or any additional information for this guide!
  12. Bolin's Farming Guide

    Updated guide with additional information and pictures.
  13. Pest Control "Event"?

    I think this would be a great idea! We need more events to spice up the community and make weekends interesting
  14. Trodal Helper/Forum Mod Application

    I was around when Trodal was on staff. He gets my support!
  15. Eovi Intro!

    Welcome to Fury! Glad you're enjoying the server
  16. 19/09/18 - September Updates

    You're amazing! Those are some of the quickest fixes I've seen Great work!
  17. Bolin's Farming Guide

    Updated with a few more NPC's.
  18. Looks great! I can't wait to try it out!
  19. BolinBear's Reintroduction

    Thanks everyone!
  20. BolinBear's Reintroduction

    Howdy all! It has been a few months since I played here! I needed a break and to focus on real life issues and focus on myself. Most of you probably won't remember me, but I am from the lovely state of Ohio. I used to play a few months ago, so my experience with the server isn't terrible but I might be a bit behind I play on legend mode, which honestly isn't too bad, but I've not put too many hours in as some people. My goal is simply to get into bossing and max out my combat stats. I may eventually do skilling and dungeoneering, but I'm in no rush. Anyways, nice to see some new people and more activity on the server! Hope to see you in game!
  21. Symbiotic's Helper Application

    Also support, he's helped me out a lot in game and helpful in chat.
  22. Satam - Runique player

    Welcome! Great video work man!