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  1. Awesome update, great job guys! Keep it up
  2. Interface looks really clean! Good job guys. Looking forward to playing again.
  3. Hiya, I'm iPrometheus/Rob

    Figured it's been a while since I've posted an update. Haven't had a lot of time to play so my stats are similar to what they were before but I've made some *serious* upgrades in terms of gear in that time. Sadly, my cash stack took a hit. Was around 3b, down to 400m now. That's ok though, I have some offers in the GE that will hopefully sell in due time. Gear - http://prntscr.com/l3rgzt GE - http://prntscr.com/l3rhg1 Stats - http://prntscr.com/l3rhqi
  4. Salutations

    Welcome to Fury! Hop into the help cc if you have any questions
  5. Pest Control "Event"?

    Ryan is getting something together at Saturday 6pm server time I believe. Not sure if I'll be on then but I'll try to be. See you all there!
  6. iProm's Glacor Guide

    Later on tonight I'll add pictures of how to properly lure the Glacytes.
  7. Pest Control "Event"?

    Hey everyone! I'm making this post to maybe generate some interest in Pest Control! I've noticed that not a lot of people do it. If you would like to do it with me (maybe sometime this [9/20/18] weekend?), just comment on here or message me in game at iPrometheus Cheers everyone, lets get that Void!
  8. Eovi Intro!

    Welcome to Fury, Eovi! Happy, as always, to see new members join our community If you have any questions, feel free to use the help cc chat.
  9. iProm's Glacor Guide

    This is my first guide so feedback is appreciated. Apologies in advance for the wall of text but I prefer to be as in depth as possible. Thank you Sym for providing the gear screenshots! Gear You want to use either magic or range. Further breakdown below! Magic Setup I recommend using Ganodermic or Virtus with either Staff of Light, Staff of Armadyl - probably wont have this because it requires an Amardyl Orb which can be obtained by gathering 100 Shards of Armadyl (obtained from Glacor) and making the orb, then put it onto a battlestaff -, Chaotic Staff, or Dominion Staff. In your offhand, use whatever you can that will give you the highest magic possible - Arcane Spirit Shield or Unholy Book preferably. Ragefires or Infinity Boots. As far as rings are concerned - this is more up to personal preference. You could use Seer's Ring (i) but then you miss out on the +% to your drop rate by not using rings like Ring of Wealth, Ring of Wealth (i), Fero, or Tokk. For necklaces, I recommend getting an Arcane Stream Necklace from Dungeoneering because, and correct me if I'm wrong, it is the BiS (Best in Slot) necklace for mage. If not, Amulet of Fury will be fine. Range Setup In terms of range equipment, I recommend either Pernix or full Void with either Chaotic Cross Bow or Dominion Bow. Similarly to magic, use whatever you can that will give you the highest range bonus. For boots, use Glavens or Robin Hood Boots. In terms of rings, similar to mage except swap out Seer's Ring (i) for Archer's Ring (i). For necklaces, I would use an Amulet of Ranging or Amulet of Fury. Important Note: Max Range (Dom bow, full void, ranged amulet, glavens, and Unholy Book/Elysian Spirit Shield) is stronger than Max Mage (Dom Staff, Virtus, Arcane Stream, Ragefires, and Arcane Spirit Shield) but I know that gear is *very* difficult to get so for most - mage will be your best bet. Inventory I recommend some (~2/3) Overloads - if you don't have those just bring the best Magic and Defense potions that you have. Super Restores and Prayer potions will help a ton as well. Take some rocktails. Take some air and fire runes (or your preferred spell runes) along with a Steel Titan Pouch & Recovery Scrolls to heal the Titan if it gets low HP. This will dramatically increase your damage output. Prayer In terms of Prayer, I recommend SoulSplit but if you do not have that then you have to pay attention to the moveset of the Glacor. If he throws something out of his right hand, he will use his range attack. It is a projectile that comes straight at you - the Glacor will also go up into the air a bit. If he throws something out of his left hand, it is his magic attack. Switch prayers accordingly. The Fight! One last attack to cover: his special attack. It is a three pronged icicle that you need to dodge. Just move out of the square that you were in and you should be fine. Now that we have all of this covered, we move to actually killing the Glacors. During the fight, Glacor will summon 3 Glacytes. Important Note: I do not know if the Glacytes act the same way they do on here than on RS but I will include this section anyway. This section is from memory so the numbers might be a little off. The first one you want to kill is called the Sapping Glacyte. Every attack will drain 20 prayer points. If it is killed last, the Glacor will drain 50 prayer points per hit for the remainder of the fight. The second Glacyte that you want to kill is called the Enduring Glacyte. The closer in proximity this Glacyte is to the Glacor, the less damage it will take. If it is killed last, the Glacor will take 60% less damage for the remainder of the fight. The last Glacyte you want to kill is called the Unstable Glacyte. If you are next to it when it explodes, it will deal damage equal to 33% of your current HP and it will damage itself for 90%. If it is killed last, the Glacor will behave similarly except with a larger blast radius. The last part of this fight is, you guessed it, finishing off the Glacor. Keep in mind the ability it has gained from whichever Glacyte you killed last. I will do more testing when I'm not so bogged down with classwork. If needed, I'll update this guide with the appropriate pictues/information. Again, sorry for the large wall of text - I wish you all the best of luck!
  10. hci rollcoal's helper application

    +! I see him in the cc/discord helping others on a daily basis. Would definitely make a good addition to the staff team imo.
  11. Hiya, I'm iPrometheus/Rob

    Thanks Sym I'd have a lot more done by now but I've been busy with college stuff.
  12. Hiya, I'm iPrometheus/Rob

    For those that are wondering - here are my stats. http://prntscr.com/kslpm6 Not too bad. I'll be maxed soon.
  13. Prestige System + Shop(s)?

    I agree with what Dreams has said. Maxing a skill on Legend takes a very long time (especially Slayer, Herblore, Mining, etc.). If I had those 99 - what I would get from Prestige would have to be *so* worth it that I would want to grind them to 99 again. 99 Slayer took Sym ~2 months to get as an example
  14. Hiya, I'm iPrometheus/Rob

    Some of you may know me - others may not. Hence the purpose of this post. Originally I was going to be a Legend Skiller but I decided to get combat levels. Happy to be here & I'm typically available to answer any questions. Feel free to PM me in game @ iPrometheus
  15. Thank you for posting this Fury. Its nice to read update logs to see if things are getting fixed. Keep up the good work.