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  1. Waiting Game

    Today I went to the anniversary party with one of my favorite dishes made with the blood of my enemies. I was also drinking some beer and took 3 shots of vodka and right behind me was this fat chick who was giving Cameron a special gift. I opened the gift and found an extremely hairy dwarf who said to me; "Could you scratch my back?". It would be great if the dwarf had bathed once because he smells like a wet dog covered in shit. Well, isn't that rude. I would have tossed that fat hunk of meat out of a moving train except he punched me in the dick. I passed out on the floor, unaware of what was happening in the other room. When I woke up, I quickly came to my senses. Someone was watching me from red minivan with Binoculars as i seen the shine from it.
  2. Arrival Of Durial 321

    My Name says it all, but fear not i will not cause the massacre on here like i did on that other disgusting place i'm just looking here for a place to relax kick back and train my skills. i look forward to seeing you all in game and just so none of you get on my bad side i hope you do what's best for you and stay out of falador because i claim falador is Durial City if i see anyone in falador you will witness the same fate as the same people who i pked in 2006 for my green phat. (don't take this serious just playing the durial character) i look forward to seeing you all in game soon i hope. Durial 321.