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  1. Abyss Creatures

    I killed all the creatures in the abyss then waited like 30 minutes and they havent resawned
  2. Master skill capes - 09/03/2018

    Great updates as always!
  3. you can just light a log and use another on the fire and it will make a temporary bonfire, and you get full exp for it
  4. Recipe For Disaster Guide

    I reccommend bringing a few prayer pots and some decent mage gear, runes for air, water, earth and fire spells, and maybe even a melee switch if you want, not much is needed its pretty easy and simple First, City tele to Varrock and speak to the Gypsy who should be in her tent Next, Enter the portal in her tent thing and start to kill the monsters that are sent at you, first 4 you just kill easily without problem, then the Gelatinnoth mother will appear and she will change colors, depending on what color she is at the time is what you should attack her with White - Use Air Spells Blue - Use Water Spells Brown - Use Earth Spells Red - Use Fire Spells Orange - Use Melee Green - Use Ranged After the mother is dead, the culinaromancer will spawn and you can easily murder him and claim your barrows gloves from the chest
  5. Evil Tree Bug

    Selling evil tree kindling gives you the cash for the amount of kindling you have but only consumes a single one
  6. Dung Drops

    Seems when you fixed the dungeoneering npcs not dropping anything, now they drop non-dung items inside the dungeon
  7. How to make the best Iron man

    fix the coal bag plz and dwarf weed seeds are just about impossible to obtain from master farmer ( im not even sure it has the chance)
  8. How to make the best Iron man

    I feel smithing should be reworked in a way where the best training method for it is not in dung also ironmen do not have access to the runecrafting guild store which speeds up the skill significantly
  9. Bork on Ironman?

    I woke up this morning, logged in and went to do bork, clicked on the portal my client froze, x logged after about a minute, logged back in and came back to me standing next to the portal but with no gear, not even 3 items protected on death, it works fine for my main so idk what happened
  10. Some of these issues are only related to ironmen accounts -water vials not actually in ironman store (its in patch notes) -some achievements arent possible due to shops being unavailable and other reasons *buying an iron platebody *buying a anti-drag shield (doesnt set off acheievment) *price check a cake *switching to lunar spellbook *sell an item to the GE *buy an air battlestaff *receive 100m from alchemy counts # of alchs and not cash from alchs -dragon chainbody is broke -ironman can pick up other players items
  11. Donator Benefits Suggestion Thread

    lower bork timer