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  1. Agility Guide

    Hey, very nice guide! But your guide says 35-52 wildy course, well i went to wildy with level 45 Agility, and then i can't go trough the fence because i need 52 Agility. So i guess that needs to be changed?
  2. How about this?

    Yoo, I know you guys are working really hard on pvp on Fury, wich I think that is awesome! But the thing I thought about to add also is FunPk. ( Just to have more fun and maybe to practice a bit for noobs like me? ) Let me know guys, what is your opinion about this? ~Broekie~
  3. First PvP update!

    Thank you guys for this. Keep up the good work!
  4. The start of PvP updates!

    Really looking forward to this update ! Keep up the hard work you guys put in this, and i'm sure we will achieve 100+ players on a daily base, with this awesome community. = )
  5. Bug Drop rate Dragonic Visage

    I was checking the drop rate for visage, then i figured it out it is harder to get a visage from a steel dragon. I asked Old, he told me to report it as a bug. ?
  6. Unicycling

    Ohhh sorry, i misunderstood you. You can see them now right?
  7. Introduction Broekie

    Thanks all for the very warm welcome ! After a week of playing, I'm sure i'll be around here in near future.
  8. Unicycling

    Yhhh, there was a hole in the grass loll that's what fked me up.
  9. Unicycling

    If you want to see me on a unicycle, this was this evening lolllll. Been years since i've touched that thing. First attempt i failed hard XD! Second attempt it went better hahahahaha! #1 #2
  10. Sammy's summoning guide

    Used this, very usefull guide, appreciate the work you put in this!
  11. Introduction Broekie

    Hello all, I'd like to introduce myself since I am new to Fury, I am Broekie. I am a Dutch guy, so excuse me if my English isn't properly sometimes. (I don't mind if you correct me, it helps me improve my English! I am 21 years old, my hobby is soccer. But i also like to go fitness with mates. Also i like to go out with my friends and have a few drinks. And i love going to hardstyle festivals like Defqon. 1, Q-Base, Dominator etc. From the first log in I felt like this is a nice server with a good community, so i feel like I am staying here for now. I was just searching for rsps's on google and the first one i got in to was Fury. I hope we will have an awesome time here, i'm sure i will! Looking forward to meet you guys in game! = )